Chic Floral Hairstyles For Brides-To-Be

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Chic floral hairstyles for brides-to-be

Floral hairstyles have been an inseparable part of Indian weddings. Even Bollywood divas who got married recently were seen sporting different types of hairstyles and flowers on their big day. As a bride-to-be if you are on the lookout for traditional yet chic floral hairstyles that will complement their wedding outfit, your search ends here! As the wedding season begins we have put together the best floral hairstyles for you to choose from.


Loose curls with baby’s breath flowers

Puffed bun and roses

As a modern bride if you don’t want to take the traditional approach with roses or mogras, opt for baby’s breath flower instead. Simply create big layered curls and put a few flowers on the lower end of your hair to get this look.


Buns n roses

Puffed bun and roses

If you’re wearing a pastel shade lehenga this summer, cover your bun with fresh pink roses to complement the look. Simply tie a bun and tuck in roses from all sides to cover it completely.


Fishtail braid with mogra

Puffed bun and roses

Sonam K Ahuja is known for making a style statement everywhere she goes and her wedding functions were no exception. Her fishtail braid wrapped with mogra garlands looked lovely with her white and golden sangeet outfit.


Bridal bun with roses

Puffed bun and roses

Add a pretty touch of roses to that traditional bridal bun by tucking in a few delicate little roses in the colour of your choice. When it is summer opt for pastels or yellow.


Puffed bun and roses

Puffed bun and roses

Can’t decide between roses and mogra garlands? Why not wear them both? Create a bun with a puffed crown, secure with bobby pins. Now tuck some roses on the upper half of the bun and mogra garlands on the lower half to get this look.

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