Girls who can handle their hair down with a saree are elite! When the festive season hits and you have to don your many sarees, the easy way out can be a quick bun or an accented braid. But TBH, sporting the same hairstyle every festive season can get boring, noh? Take a cue from Kiara Advani, who paired an Arpita Mehta draped gharara outfit with voluminous, beachy waves cascading down her body at a recent promotional event. Created by celebrity hairstylist Hiral Bhatia, we wanted to know the technique of achieving this not-so-uniform yet controlled wavy hairstyle, so we asked! Here’s how Hiral recommends you go about creating this bombshell hairdo to pair with all of your outfits during the festive season...

Kiara Advani body wave hairstyle for festive season

Step #01: Prep Part your hair at the centre. Spritz some water to make it damp (not dripping wet) and follow up with a good heat protectant leave-in conditioner. Straighten your hair using a hair straightener to get rid of any frizzy flyaways, but avoid making it too poker straight. Once you are done straightening the hair, apply a hair spray to give your tresses some hold while you curl them. If you already have pretty smooth and frizz-free hair, Hiral recommends to directly go in for the hair spray — you don’t even have to dampen your mane for that.

Step #02: Add the waves It’s now time to create the lovely waves! Start by dividing your mane into horizontal sections. Hiral used a 16mm, slim curling wand at 180-degree Celsius temperature to curl the hair. Take small sections and start winding the hair around the wand; place the loops far from each other. Slightly tug on the sections so that your curl pattern is elongated. Remove the curl from the wand and pull gently again so that the curls don’t cool in a very tight form — you want them open and loose.

Step #03: Add the finishing touches Once you’re done curling your hair, wait for 5 minutes for everything to cool down and shake it all up nicely. After shaking it up, separate the curls with your fingers to open them up slightly. For finishing touches, use a serum or lightweight hair oil to add shine and end with a finishing spray.

Hiral’s pro tip: For this hairdo, Hiral recommends to not aim for uniformity — the hair sections can vary in sizes in order to create a not-so-even look. However, the size of the wand is really slim, so avoid taking really big sections as every section of the hair will not receive equal heat and you won’t get the desired result. To make the look even more beachy, curl the sections in opposite directions. For instance, if you curl one section towards the face, the alternate one you will have to curl outwards — away from the face. Gently tease the roots to add volume — this is super important to prevent the hairstyle from appearing flat!

Image courtesy: @kiaraaliaadvani