Bridal buns decked with flowers and accessories are a thing of the past. You’ve seen so many girls opting for a long braid or a bun for the most special day of their lives. However, times have changed, these days more women prefer flaunting their haircuts and hair colours by choosing open hairstyles for their big day. Whether you are a bride-to-be or looking for a hairstyle for your BFF/ sister’s wedding, move past bridal buns and look like the perfect millennial bride with an open hairstyle.

Open hairstyles are one of the best ways to make a statement on your wedding day, after all you are the bride. If unconventional, edgy and never-seen-before hairstyles are what you are looking for this wedding season, we may have all the open hairstyle inspiration you need. In this article, you will see 10 of the most gorgeous open hairstyles that will make you look nothing less than a dreamy looking bride on your big day. Whether you are planning to do your own hair or getting a hairstylist to do the job, bookmark these hairstyles to ensure you create the exact same look on the day of your wedding.


1. Half-up braid with flowers

Half-up braid with flowers

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Flowers can completely transform a bridal hairstyle, if you love them as much as we do this gorgeous open hairstyle is perfect for you. However, instead of opting for the regular roses and mogras, how about trying something different like this bride? There are a ton of different coloured flowers available, pick one that complements your wedding lehenga or saree and add them to your hairstyle in a stylish way. This bride chose to go for a gorgeous half-up braid and covered it with purple flowers. The rest of the hair was loosely curled to add to the look.


2. Open hairstyle with matha patti

Open hairstyle with matha patti

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There are a lot of gorgeous matha pattis available for brides, depending on your choice you can opt for a thin delicate one or a thick, traditional one. This hair accessory adds a beautiful frame to your look and instantly turns an ordinary look into a bridal one. You can choose to go for a half-up hairstyle with loose waves or even a loose braid. This open hairstyle is suitable for all lengths and hair types, so what are you waiting for? Start looking for the perfect matha patti that will go with your wedding outfit right away!


3. Centre parted hairstyle with maang tikka

Centre parted hairstyle with maang tikka

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Another hair accessory that takes centre stage during the wedding season is a maang tikka. There are so many ways to add this accessory to your wedding hairdo. It goes with open hairstyles, buns and braids too! So, no matter which hairstyle you finally decide to go with on your big day, a maang tikka is sure to add that bridal charm to your look. Take inspiration from Hina Khan and opt for something simple or choose a traditional one to look like a royal bride. It is the perfect hair accessory for wedding guests too as it won’t look OTT.


4. Half-up bubble ponytail with flowers

Half-up bubble ponytail with flowers

Image courtesy: @sejal_savaliya22

When it comes to open hairstyles, half-up hairdos are the most popular and trendy looks to go with. There are so many different variations that can be created by simply securing the top half section of your hair. For this hair look, the hairstylist first created curls then made a simple half-up bubble ponytail with crown braids at the top. To make it look occasional and suitable for a bride, she further added tiny flowers all over the hair. There are a bunch of tiny flower options to choose from, you can pick the most popular one, known as baby’s breath or ask your hairstylist to suggest something that goes with your look.


5. Half-open half-braided hairstyle

Half-open half-braided hairstyle

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What are your views on an open hairstyle that also has a loose braid at the end? No, we are not trying to confuse you, in fact we are trying to acquaint you with this beautiful hairstyle that might steal your heart. At the top, it looks like any other open hairstyle, however right below the shoulder the hairstylist adds a lot of drama to the look by creating a loose classic braid. To make it the perfect fit for a bride, she then adds three beautiful big white roses on the back of the head to add a royal touch.


6. Soft curls with floral hair pins

Soft curls with floral hair pins

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Soft curls are the ultimate sophisticated hairstyle, you can wear this hairstyle for one of your wedding functions like the sangeet or mehendi. It is also the perfect hairstyle for brides and sisters of the bride. It is simple and does not require any professional help too. If you have long and coloured hair, this hairstyle will make your colour look even more gorgeous. Create soft waves using a curling wand. Part your hair on the side and pick a small section of hair from the top of your head and secure at the back using three or more delicate, floral hairpins.


7. Princess look with tiara

Princess look with tiara

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Want to look like a complete princess on the most special day of your life? What’s stopping you! We’ve found the perfect hairstyle that will make your wish come true. This open hairstyle with half-up tight curls exhibits major princess vibes and the tiara only adds to the look. Perfect for a reception look, this wedding hairstyle is sure to turn a lot of heads. Make sure you don’t wear a lot of other accessories with the tiara as it can completely throw off the look. Keep the focus on your face and hair with this hairstyle.


8. Side parted voluminous hairstyle

Side parted voluminous hairstyle

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If you are wearing an off-shoulder long dress for your wedding or reception, this open hairstyle is sure to make you look like a princess. This hairstyle will look particularly stunning on those with long hair. Part your hair on the side and create voluminous wavy hair using a big barrel. Use a lot of holding spray to make sure your hairstyle stays in place all evening. A finishing spray will add a ton of shine to the look. Last, but not least, put on a beautiful hair accessory that matches the colour of your outfit to finish the look.


9. Spiral curls with accessory

Spiral curls with accessory

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Whether you have natural curls or love getting your hair curled, this long hair bridal hairstyle can be one of the trendy ways to style your hair. For this open hairstyle all you have to do is part your hair on the side and create tight curls with the help of a small barrelled curling wand. Use heat protection spray before using any hair styling tool to prevent damage. You can also spritz some finishing spray to make your hair shine and ensure your hairstyle stays put. Add a beautiful hair accessory on one side to look like the perfect bride you always desired to be.


10. Crown braid with small bouffant

10. Crown braid with small bouffant

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Crown braid is the perfect hairdo to go with on your wedding day. Start by creating loose waves in your hair, then add a crown braid on the top on your head around the bouffant. Add a delicate crown accessory around the braid to complete your look. This beautiful hairstyle requires least hairstyling products and can be achieved in a few simple steps. It is perfect for both the bride and her BFF or sister. Your search for the perfect open hairstyle ends right here!

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