Weddings are crazy and the following receptions are the craziest. After all, we are a country that prides on taking its celebrations a notch higher. Indian or Western, weddings do help you keep your best foot forward when it comes to style. And if you are the bride, you cannot afford any mishaps when it comes to your outfit or your hairstyle. Also, the wedding and reception, both call for different yet equally appealing outfits and hairdos. The key difference between a wedding hairstyle and a reception hairstyle is the fact that while the former is all traditional and elaborate, the latter has to be a little contemporary yet stylish.

With so many options to choose from and so many sources to refer to, how do you ensure that you pick two different hairdos to match your persona? This is where we help you. With our carefully curated list of best reception hairstyles, we can help you pick the best one as per your taste and outfit.

From beachy waves with flowers woven in, to the messy bun which is tricky yet gorgeous to pull off, here are the reception hairstyles that will totally change the game for you as a bride. So fasten up your d-day seatbelts, for we have a treat in store for you.


1. Messy not fussy

Messy not fussy

This one is a spin on the messy bun which is so popular. While flaunting it with a bridal outfit may be a little tricky, it simply rocks as a reception hairstyle. However, it takes a lot of skill to create messy buns, so make sure it is accessorized well, minimal or heavy, depending upon your preference. Floral accessories with a messy bun are your best bet. Style your hair into beachy waves, and then gather those into a bun, low and near the nape, preferably.


2. Puffed half hairdo

Puffed half hairdo

Half hairdos are simple and stylish. This is also one reception hairstyle that you can give a try. The entire length is styled, with special focus on the crown. This is also a good hairstyle if you have a larger forehead. It gives the illusion of a longer face. This one is created by first styling the entire length of the hair and then dividing it into two halves. The upper half of the hair can be puffed up while the lower half is left open in dreamy beach waves. Finish off with a delicate maang tikka and matching jewellery.


3. Dreamy half updo

Dreamy half updo

This reception hairstyle is also a half-hair look, but a little simpler. Keep in mind that while it is simple to look at, it takes effort to create. The entire length is curled softly and with thick strands left towards the crown to frame the face for a softer look. One side strand is tucked backwards and accessorised with flowers. There, you are done, dreamy and divine.


4. The boho chic

The boho chic

This reception hairstyle is specifically for those brides who believe in adding an element of chic to their hairdos. This one gives a Princess Jasmine look to your hair, with hair accessories added just the right way to give a boho-chic look. You can go with a half hairdo or even simple beachy waves, and accessorise those.


5. Floral twist and tuck bun

Floral twist and tuck bun

Take a cue from this hairdo sported by Sonam Kapoor Ahuja. While this may look like a simple bun, if you look closely, strands are twisted and tucked to give volume to the entire hairdo. This one is the best reception hairstyle if you have straight hair that lacks volume. Hair is divided into thick strands and the rest of it is pinned. The strands are then twisted and tucked. Finally, the entire length is twisted to form a bun. It’s a beautiful take on the usual Juda.


6. Simple juda

Simple juda

If nothing works, let a simple juda rescue you. Wedding or reception, this is an evergreen hairstyle that has stood the test of time. Go easy on the jewellery, and add a simple touch to the overall outfit by only using a gajra to perk up this sleek and simple juda hairstyle. However, a sleek juda is a good choice for narrow foreheads. If you have a large one, or have a round face in general, either accessorise it with a maang tikka, or use bindis to balance the features.


7. Braid banded

Braid banded

This is another half-updo which is not only a popular wedding hairstyle, but a great reception one too. The unique part here is that hair is used to create braided bands that secure the hair half-up. This is further tied by using floral hair clips. The lower length of the hair is styled into soft curls.


8. Simple and straight waves

Simple and straight waves

Want to keep it simple? We have just the right reception hairstyle for you. This is the hairdo wherein your hair is kept simple yet stylish with the entire length given minimum styling. Side parting or centre parting, take your pick and flaunt this simple yet amazing hairdo.


9. Braided ponytail

Braided ponytail

Yes, this reception hairstyle features both the braid and the ponytail. Here, the hair is divided into two halves, horizontally. Thick strands are taken from the upper half and braided delicately. It is then gathered with the rest of the hair, styled, and fastened into a ponytail. Add an edge with a floral or jewelled clip of your choice.


10. Roses all around

Roses all around

Flowers look gorgeous when used in hairdos. But what if you could create roses out of your tresses? This is also a kind of half-updo wherein thick strands are taken from the upper half of the hair and twisted beautifully into rose buns. These buns are then pinned together. The lower half is blow-dried and styled, either as straight or beachy waves, depending upon which reception hairstyle you go for.


11. Side braid

Side braid

This is often a hairdo flaunted by the bridesmaids, but there is no rule in the book that prevents it from being a reception hairstyle for the bride too. This hairdo is voluminous and a little messy and adds personality to your whole look. Hair is teased and combed into textured waves towards the crown, and then brought to the side to be braided. It is further enhanced with flowers.


12. Open lengths

Open lengths

This is the simplest of all hairstyles. If you have straight hair with natural waves, this one can be flaunted with minimal styling. This reception hairstyle only requires a maang tikka. You can ditch that too if you wish, though we recommend you add it as a special touch to your already simple hairdo.


13. Puffed-up high bun

Puffed-up high bun

This is just a spin on the traditional sleek juda. While most of the puffed hairstyles are usually messy, this one is sleek and simple. The difference between this juda and the traditional one is the volume that the puff adds to the crown area, again giving an illusion of a longer face and height. The juda itself is tied quite above the usual nape area and adorned with gajra.


14. Double-up bun

Double-up bun

This reception hairstyle gives the illusion of two buns while it is just one bun with the upper half of the hair given enough volume to pin a gajra or floral accessory in a cascading form. The bun can be created as a bouquet of flowers too, instead of the usual sleek circular mass of simple hair. Take your pick!