If you have set out on the journey to achieve healthy and strong hair, there are few hair care habits you may have formed. Applying hair masks once a week, oiling your hair regularly, cutting down on using heat styling tools are a common few. However, if you want hair that’s healthy from root to tip, it’s necessary to also take care of your scalp.

Oil, product build-up and environmental debris can cause scalp irritation and prevent/slow down the growth of new strands. That’s why it’s necessary to keep your scalp clean if you want stronger and healthier hair. How do you do that? With the help of a detox shampoo! Here’s everything you need to know


What is detox shampoo?

Detox shampoo is a thing — and here’s why you need to get your hands on one ASAP

Detox shampoos are formulated with clarifying ingredients that remove dirt build-up from the scalp to give you a fresh, clean feeling. Detoxing removes the accumulated chemicals around hair strands and allows for a natural and healthy hair growth process. The Tresemme Botanique Detox & Restore Shampoo contains a botanical blend of ginseng and neem that gently purifies hair from daily residue build-up. What we like the most about this shampoo is that it has no parabens or dyes!


Benefits of using a detox shampoo

Detox shampoo is a thing — and here’s why you need to get your hands on one ASAP

Prevents dandruff and flakiness

One of the reasons why you may be experiencing dandruff is because your scalp is not clean. Your scalp has a humid environment, and it is the perfect place for bacteria to thrive. Using a detox shampoo will help cleanse it thoroughly and prevent infections and dandruff that often cause itchiness on the scalp.

Reduces hair loss

Hair loss is a common hair concern, and losing about 50 strands of hair a day is normal. However, if you’ve recently started shedding a lot of hair, it may be because of the excess of free radicals and a low number of antioxidants in the body. A scalp detox helps flush out harmful toxins before it attacks the hair bulb. It also improves blood circulation in the scalp and promotes the growth of new strands.

Removes odour

If you have a smelly scalp, detoxing it with shampoo can get rid of the smell. While it is okay not to shampoo your hair every day, make sure you thoroughly cleanse your scalp while shampooing. Get rid of the odour once and for all with a detox shampoo as it will thoroughly clarify the scalp and eliminate the odour causing bacteria.