We all have those hectic days where we just indulge in a quick shampoo wash. And whilst a swift rinse may steal the grease from your scalp, it doesn’t give you that shine — even after you’ve blow-dried your mane.

Sure, you’ll keep up that #bighairenergy if you stay indoors but as soon as you step foot outdoors, your tamed ends will begin to fluff up – and that’s fact. Many wonder whether conditioner is good for hair or not, but no amount of cream, heat or rollers can straighten and settle a lack of conditioner!

Which is why going in for a best-in-class conditioner can put all your hair worries and woes to rest! Discover more about hair conditioner benefits below.

What is hair conditioner and why is it important to use as a part of your hair routine?

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There are so many benefits of conditioner. But let’s get complex: hair conditioners contain fatty alcohols, humectants and oils to make hair soft and flexible. Some include protein, for temporarily binding split ends, whilst others have thickening agents for making hair feel fuller. And while you may think conditioner is nothing but a time-consuming cream that makes your hair feel oily and flat, it actually does much more than you’d think.

You need to spend just ten minutes of hair-wash-day to deeply nourish your hair and give it that lasting gloss. Conditioner pampers your locks by providing a smooth coating, preventing hair breakage from friction.

Whilst you may have heard broken promises from conditioner time and time again, we’re here to tell you the lesser-known conditioner facts. So, read on as we smoothen out the secrets and investigate which conditioner is best for your hair.

Ensure frizz doesn’t fizzle out

When your hair spirals, it’s safe to say that your life does, too! Unkempt locks are any girl’s nightmare, for they are the easiest way to dampen a look. A flawless face of makeup and a stunning #ootn don’t quite cut it if your locks aren’t looking their best.

However, you don’t need an expensive spa appointment to achieve that smooth mane finish — the answer is relatively simple, just add the TRESemme Smooth & Shine Conditioner to your hair care arsenal. Transforming your look with just a single wash, this magical potion’s Biotin and Moroccan Argan Oil work collaboratively to curb the curls!

Rapid results

You don’t need to sit for hours with a steam machine restricting your head, for conditioners cast their smoothening spell in just three minutes. Yet to experience the magic? Well, you’re probably doing it wrong – but don’t worry, many people are.

Believe it or not, but most women don’t know how to use conditioner correctly, but the trick lies in the technique. So, to save your pumps and allow yourself to achieve that compliment-worthy bounce, here’s to how to condition hair!

  • Use the amount of conditioner recommended on the bottle; ideally, it should be the size of a quarter.
  • Apply conditioner only to the length and tips of your hair; avoid spreading it on your scalp.
  • Squeeze excess water from your hair then apply the conditioner. Leave it on for no more than 2-3 minutes for frizz-free tresses!

Post-rinse magic

Yes, the most fascinating part about conditioner is that even after you wash it off your locks, its dreamy impact still lingers. Especially ensure you make the most of your favourite conditioner during summer months, for sun damage can cause hair dryness, discoloration, brittle strands and split ends. To do away with these common hair threats a creamy conditioning formula is all you need.

Solo conditioning

Whilst you can get shampoos and conditioners in packs, conditioning can also be completed individually. Yes, you read that right — you can dedicate one day a week each to a face mask, nail paint and a deep conditioning trip. Limiting shampooing can work wonders for your locks, as frequent chemicals can tarnish their quality. Skipping a hair wash session and just going straight in with generous amounts of conditioner will bless your strands with instant moisture and keep them shining!

Pick your type

Picking out the fanciest bottles might be tempting, but ensure you always pick a conditioner that contains the right ingredients for your hair type. There are loads of shampoo reviews out there, but conditioners often get sidelined. So, it’s time you get the magnifying class onto all those mixes before applying them to your mane.

There’s one for every hair type

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It’s suggested that you should be using a conditioner and shampoo from the same brand — after all, they’re formulated to complement each other and do the best for your strands. But before you begin your hair wash hunt, here’s everything you need to know about different hair types and what they love! After all, different kinds of hair require different kinds of conditioner.

Colour-treated hair

If you’re one of those diva girls, who has tinted her lock looks with some enchanting hues, look for a shampoo and conditioner that aligns with your hair’s demands. We recommend the Love Beauty & Planet’s Blooming Colour Conditioner and Shampoo with Murumuru Butter and Rose Aroma! Going the extra mile to hydrate hair, which can easily become dry and rough, this spectacular duo is here to impress and take away the stress. However, if you’re looking for further recommendations, ask your stylist and source all of that insider information!

Dry hair

If you’re prone to a dry scalp and parched strands, you’ll want to know which conditioner is best for dry hair. Fortunately, dry hair will never be a problem again with the Dove’s Instant Repair Conditioner. Specially formulated for dull and frizzy locks, this conditioner helps protect your hair from everyday wear and tear, leaving it soft and smooth. Formulated with a pro-moisture complex, this nourishing formula will leave your hair silky and healthy. It’s perfect for daily use, as it cleanses your locks, resulting in manageable strands that are not weighed down. What’s more, this conditioner strengthens hair and prevents breakage, which is often associated with dry hair. Almost too good to be true, right?

Thin hair

Folks with fine hair are always on the lookout for products that will give their locks a little more life. Whether you have always had thin hair, lost some postpartum, are going through a stressful period, or just have sparser locks than you used to, TRESemme Conditioner, 24 Hour Healthy Volume can come to your rescue. Allowing you to become the #manecharacter of your life again, this product is perfect for breathing the life and drama back into your locks. So, the next time you’re shopping, don’t forget to fill your cart!

Pro tip: Don't condition hair from roots to tips

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Hey there conditioner girls, while you may be all excited to revive your hair, keep in mind that your roots don't need any conditioner! Why? Well, your scalp produces sebum; a natural oil that is like your hair’s own conditioner. Sebum keeps your roots always nourished, whereas your ends need extra love and conditioning because the oil doesn’t always travel fully down the hair shaft – hence they’re more prone to damage.

What happens if conditioner is applied to the scalp? Not a lot really, but it could result in your hair becoming greasy more quickly. Plus, you’ll have wasted precious conditioner! The best way to condition hair is to lovingly massage the product into the last three inches of your locks; the oldest and the driest parts! And voilà, you’ll have glossy and glorious hair for your troubles.

Flaunt your oh-so fab hair by styling it the right way. Prepare for a lunch date by lightly curling your strands or creating a delicate braid. Otherwise, put your best foot forward for a night in the club with a glamorous high pony. Whatever you choose, with locks that are deeply conditioned and nourished, any style will look great. So, it’s time to get styling!