Benefits Of Using Onion Oil For Hair: Top Five  

Written by Team BBOct 18, 2022
Benefits of Using Onion Oil for Hair: Top Five  

We’re just going to say it — onions are haircare saviours. And we’re almost sure you have your reservations about the vegetable — particularly because you might not love the idea of massaging onion juice into your scalp. But we’re making a case for onions and onion shampoo, and trust us when we say we were bombarded by a bewildering number of hair care benefits almost immediately.

onion shampoo woman long brown hair

Benefits of Using Onion Oil: The Basics  

Onions have a number of benefits for your hair: 

  • Prevent hair loss, breakage, and stimulate growth. 

  • Repel scalp infections and treat dandruff. 

  • Calm down itchiness and nourish your scalp. 

  • Prevent premature greying. 

  • Add extra shine to your locks. 

Oh, do you know where you can redeem each of these benefits? In a recyclable bottle loaded with the richness of steam-distilled onion oil for hair growth, organic coconut oil, pure blackseed oil, and infused with the scent of hand-picked patchouli sourced from Indonesia. Yes, we’re talking about the Love Beauty & Planet Onion Blackseed & Patchouli Hair Fall Control Sulfate Free Shampoo. This red onion shampoo helps to transform dull and damaged hair into shiny and strong strands. Try onion shampoo and oil to control hair fall and prevent breakage. 

Here are 5 reasons why you must invest in the onion hair shampoo ASAP — especially if you’re looking to reduce breakage, and boost the growth of your hair! Furthermore, this non-sulfate onion shampoo price will help you to achieve strong and healthy locks on a budget. 

The Top 5 Benefits of Onion Oil for Hair    

What are the essential onion oil benefits for hair? Learn more! 

onion shampoo woman long brown hair

1. Reduces breakage 

Can you use onion oil for hair fall concerns? Yes, because onion contains sulfur, and sulfur plays an important role in the regeneration of our follicles. Best onion oil for hair growth reduces breakage, and prevents our hair from thinning. Since it supports thick and strong hair, it boosts growth, and minimises loss of hair. Sulfur promotes the production of collagen as well. This enables the growth of healthy hair. Onion hair oil for hair growth enhances the circulation of blood in our scalp, too, and this boosts growth. 

onion shampoo woman long brown hair

2. Repels infections 

Is onion oil good for hair and scalp against infections? Since onion hair oil and shampoo have anti-bacterial as well as antifungal properties, they prevent infections from damaging the scalp. Studies have shown that the vegetable has the ability to treat conditions like dandruff and lice, too. Remember that an infected scalp can lead to hair loss.  

onion shampoo woman long brown hair

3. Soothes itchiness 

Onion shampoo benefits include anti-inflammatory properties. This characteristic enables onion oil and shampoo to calm an itchy, inflamed, and dry scalp, and strengthen the follicles.

onion shampoo woman long brown hair

4. Prevents premature greying 

Talking about onion oil for hair benefits, it is necessary to mention that onions are loaded with antioxidants, too. These antioxidants fight free radicals — that destroy follicles, and lead to thinning of hair — and protect the hair from environmental damage. That’s why best onion shampoo for hair growth can also slow down greying, and prevent premature greying as well.  

onion shampoo woman long brown hair

5. Adds shine to tresses 

Over a period of time, onion shampoo for hair can add a natural shine to your tresses, and breathe life into your limp, lifeless tresses. Why invest in chemical treatments when something as natural as a vegetable can restore your hair’s lustre?  

FAQs about Benefits of Using Onion Oil for Hair (& other Onion Products)

Q1 How to make onion oil for hair growth? 

How to make best onion oil for hair at home by yourself? You can try this simple recipe, but before applying any homemade remedies to your skin and hair do a patch test or take a trichologist’s advice. 

  • Start making  onion juice by chopping 1-2 onions, and adding them to the blender jar.  

  • Pour in a tablespoon of coconut oil to the jar and blend onions to a smooth paste.  

  • Take a saucepan and pour the paste to it. Add an equal quantity of coconut oil. 

  • Stir onion juice and coconut oil for hair well and simmer it on a low flame for a few minutes until the onion paste turns light brown. 

  • When your onion and coconut oil for hair paste turns golden brown, remove it from the heat.  

  • Cool the oil and paste, then strain it through the cheesecloth. 

  • Transfer the oil into the airtight container. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to mask the onion smell. 

Now your onion oil for hair is ready! You can massage it into your scalp and strands to boost hair growth, reverse premature greying, nourish hair follicles, and prevent hair fall. After applying, wait for about 30 minutes, then wash off with shampoo, and use hair conditioner. 

Q2 How to make aloe vera onion and coconut oil for hair growth? 

This is another recipe of onion oil for hair regrowth but with aloe vera for better moisturising your locks.  

  • First, you need 2 onions — you can use different kinds of, red and white. Peel your onions and cut them in cubes, then add to the blender.  

  • Peel one aloe vera leaf and cut it in pieces, or use aloe vera gel. 

  • Blend aloe vera with onions. 

  • Pour your mix in the cooking pan, add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, and 4 tablespoons of coconut oil. You can use other carrier oils at will.  

  • Put your pan on a low heat, stir well, and cook until your mix becomes slightly brown. Then turn off the heat and let your pan cool down. 

  • Strain your onion oil through the cloth, pour it into the container and use as a hair mask

Q3 How to use onion juice for hair and prevent onion smell? 

Onion juice and oil is an effective natural remedy against hair loss, premature greying, breakage, and scalp infections. But at the same time, onions have a very strong smell that can stay on your strands for a long time after use. Is it possible to get all onion benefits for your tresses, but prevent them from stink? There are a few rules you may follow to neutralise onion smell on your hair. 

  • First, if you’re aware of your hair smelling like onion, use red onions instead of white and yellow, as they are less smelly when raw. 

  • Lemon juice can mask the onion smell. But it can also bleach your hair, so, if you don’t want bleaching effect, do not go out to the direct sunlight after applying this mask to your hair.  

  • Essential oils are the best solution against onion smell. You can add citrus, floral oils, or peppermint oil to make your hair smell good. 

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