5 Common Conditioner Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Written by Sumona BoseJul 06, 2022
5 common conditioner myths you need to stop believing

No matter how careful you are, your hair wash routine may never be 100% damage-proof. Warm water tends to open up your cuticles, and clarifying ingredients in shampoos can sap essential hydration and nutrients from your hair. This is why a conditioner is always recommended after a hair wash to avoid drying out the ends that can lead to breakage. A hair conditioner is specifically formulated to put moisture back into your hair after it has been washed with a shampoo. It can also contribute to detangling, damage repair, frizz-fighting and strengthening the hair shaft so that it can take on environmental wear and tear. Need we say more?

Clearly, a conditioner is essential in any hair care routine. But unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about conditioners too. That’s why we’ve put together a list of conditioner myths that you need to stop believing right away…


Myth #1: Naturally silky hair does not need conditioning

Myth #5: Conditioners make hair limp

Fact: The silky feeling in your hair is one of the benefits of conditioners, but not its primary goal. A conditioner helps detangle hair by replenishing damage caused by a hair wash, UV rays, daily styling and other factors. So, even if your hair feels silky, it might still be damaged, especially at the ends. This is because hair ends are old and damaged even before you notice any kind of breakage.


Myth #2: Conditioners are made with harsh chemicals

Myth #5: Conditioners make hair limp

Fact: While some conditioners may contain some amount of harsh chemicals, you can always opt for a plant-based or sensitivity safe formulation to suit your routine. The Dove Intense Repair Conditioner is 95% naturally derived and promises detangled, frizz-free and protected tresses for all hair types. You can be sure of treating your hair with quality ingredients with this pick!


Myth #3: Conditioners can cause hair fall

Myth #5: Conditioners make hair limp

Fact: There is no direct link between conditioners causing hair fall. As a matter of fact, they can straighten the bonds in your hair to cut down on breakage. If you are noticing hair fall after using a conditioner, it can be because of factors like aggressive shampooing, tugging on wet hair while brushing. That said, rest assured that there are no conditioner formulations that can directly make your hair fall off.


Myth #4: Conditioners should be not applied to the scalp because they are harmful

Myth #5: Conditioners make hair limp

Fact: While it is true that conditioners should not be applied on the scalp, it is not because they are harmful, but because your scalp is already enriched with natural oils to condition it. Applying conditioner to the scalp can make your hair greasy. Conditioners themselves are often made with no baddies, and a formula like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner would be a great pick to keep the lengths of your hair healthy. Apply about a spoonful to your hair, starting from your ear to the tips.


Myth #5: Conditioners make hair limp

Myth #5: Conditioners make hair limp


Fact: You need to look at relook at how you are using conditioner if this is happening.

  • Like we said in the previous point, conditioners should not be applied to the scalp.
  • How much are you using? If you are using so much that it is not being rinsed out properly, your hair can feel limp when it dries.
  • Which conditioner are you using? Make sure to use a conditioner that suits your hair type and in the right amount to avoid limp roots.


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