To Condition Or To Mask? Everything You Need To Know

Written by Urvi ShahNov 03, 2022
 To condition or to mask? Everything you need to know

For most of us, our in-shower routine includes shampooing our hair to cleanse our scalp, and conditioning to smoothen our tresses. And, every once in a while, we indulge in DIY or readymade masks to nourish our strands. It’s a regimen we’ve ritualised, but a lot of us have never quite understood the difference between these self-care formulas. And there’s a lot of confusion pertaining to the distinction between masks and conditioners. Are they the same? And if they’re different, what sets them apart? Here’s all you need to know about both of these hair-loving cocktails.


01. What is a conditioner?

When must you use them?

A conditioner is a hair-care staple that concludes your in-shower routine—even though a lot of people are reversing this conventional routine by conditioning before shampooing. One of the most important roles of a conditioner is to provide synthetic oil to the hair to compensate for all the sebum your tresses lose after shampooing. It smoothens, detangles, and rehydrates the hair instantly, repels frizziness, and prevents breakage and damage triggered by exposure to the sun. It’s also known to add sheen to the hair.

All you have to do is run a little bit of the product through your hair, and wash it off after about five minutes of application. You must ensure that you towel-drying your hair after shampooing for it to be able to absorb the richness of the conditioner effectively. Never apply conditioner on soaking wet hair, and steer clear of applying the product on the scalp.

Conclude your in-shower routine with a dollop of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner. Enriched with argan oil and keratin, this conditioner smoothens your hair for a sleeker, straighter look, and controls frizz for up to three days. Crafted for Indian hair, the formula is suitable for natural as well as chemically-treated hair.  


02. What is a hair mask?

When must you use them?

A mask is intended to counter the issue of dry, dull, and damaged hair from inside-out for long-lasting results. A medley of nourishing oils and ingredients, a mask moisturises, softens, and hydrates your tresses, improves the health of the scalp, reinforces the strength of your strands, and accelerates growth. One characteristic that sets a mask apart from a conditioner is the fact that the former provides more hydration and moisture to the hair, and deeply penetrates the shafts to eliminate an issue from the root—which a conditioner cannot do. You can accompany masking with steaming to open up the cuticles of the hair. Remember that masks ought to be applied throughout the hair—from the tips to the ends.

If your hair is extremely damaged, turn to the nourishing Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask to restore the lustrous avatar of your undamaged hair. Enriched with moisturising cream and keratin actives, this formula smoothens the surface of your tresses, and makes your hair resilient to everyday wear and tear. Just divide your hair into smaller sections, and apply a dollop of this formula from the roots to the tips of twice a week.


03. When must you use them?

When must you use them?

Conditioners aren’t exclusive to a certain type of hair—everyone must incorporate it into their routines. Regardless of whether you have oily or dry hair, there are options for everyone. You must run a dollop of the liquid through your strands each time you shampoo them.

Masks, on the other hand, are necessary for damaged and dry hair that need thorough nourishment. If you’ve been heat-styling your hair excessively, you must invest in a mask ASAP to undo the damage you’ve subjected your tresses to. In most cases, masks are meant to be employed into a typical routine once or twice a week, not more than that. These can be used on dry hair before shampooing as well.

You can also prepare homemade masks. If your hair is oily or fine, though, a mask might weigh it down or make your tresses look greasy—so ensure you’re doing your research before using a mask.

To put it into perspective, conditioners are like quick fixes/primers and are popular for their ability to make our hair look and feel good. Masks are nourishing treatments infused with hair-loving nutrients to maintain the health of your tresses in the long term.

And you need both of these formulas for a glossy, smooth, and healthy mane.

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