Can you imagine going to work or a party with greasy, flat hair? Or, would you dare go on a date on a bad hair day? Absolutely not! And thanks to dry shampoo, you never have to. Ah! What would we do without it? But you need to know how to use dry shampoo correctly. 

That humble bottle of dry shampoo sure comes to your rescue when you need to deal with your third-day hair without having to wash it. But are you sure you’re using it the right way? Or better yet, making the most out of it? Let us help you make sure you do. 

Here are some dry shampoo dos and don’ts and how to best use dry shampoo that every girl should about. 

The Basics of Dry Shampoo  

Dry shampoo is a product that you apply to your scalp on dry hair. You don’t have to rinse it out of your hair. Your hair will be in perfect condition and smell great. Most often, it's applied to greasy areas of hair like your scalp. Dry shampoo works by quickly refreshing hair, removing excess sebum, and cleaning your hair of any unwanted substances. 

It works by absorbing oil from the hair follicles by using either alcohol or starch in the product. We're able to get that grit, texture, and freshness with a mousse today, thanks to science! Our grandmothers might have applied corn starch to their hair years ago, but today's dry shampoos give you that same effect. 

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Dry Shampoo  

Do: Focus on the roots  

how to use dry shampoo woman brown hair highlights

Your scalp gets oily and thus, you need to use the dry shampoo only on your roots and not the tips. The tips of your hair are already dry and using dry shampoo on them can make the ends rough and lifeless. 

Don't: Overdo it  

how to use dry shampoo woman long brown hair

It is a quick fix for your greasy hair, not a hair cleanser. It absorbs excess oil and can make your hair dry and prone to breakage if you overuse it. You shouldn’t totally rely on dry shampoo for days and use it only on the second and third day. After that, you need to wash your hair with a real shampoo. 

Do: Let it blend  

how to use dry shampoo woman long brown wavy hair

After you’ve sprayed or sprinkled the dry shampoo on your hair, rub it in and give it some time to blend and be absorbed by your hair. Use your fingertips to rub it onto your roots and comb it through to distribute the product evenly. Wait about a couple of minutes for it to settle and then style your hair. 

Don't: Spray too close   

how to use dry shampoo woman long brown hair

Spray the dry shampoo from a safe distance of at least six to ten inches. Spraying it too close to your hair can leave you with a chunk of white residue in your hair that is not only a task to blend, but let’s face it, just a waste of a good product. 

Do: Use on dry hair   

how to use dry shampoo woman long brown hair

Your dry shampoo won’t work on wet, freshly washed hair and may leave clumps in your scalp. It is called dry shampoo because it is meant to be sprayed on dry hair, get it? So, use it on dry hair for best results. 

FAQs about Dry Shampoo, Dos and Don’ts   

How to use dry shampoo without white residue? 

Don't use dry shampoo on the top of your head directly. You'll leave behind a white residue, and your hair won't be volumized. Spray underneath the root instead of lifting up the top layer of hair to cover white residue.  

How often to use dry shampoo? 

Dry shampoo should be applied 1-2 times a week. Over-applying this leave-in product can result in product buildup. 

How to use dry shampoo correctly? 

It is best to spray dry shampoo directly onto your roots and then work it into your hair with your fingers. Keeping the can away from your head by 4-6 inches will prevent your hair from becoming oversaturated.