The Tigi Custom Care Moisture Range Gave Me My Smoothest Hair Wash Experience Ever

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
The TIGI Custom Care Moisture range gave me my smoothest hair wash experience ever

I have struggled with dry and frizzy hair for as long as I can remember. As a teen, I would skip washing my hair for weeks to keep my long tresses from doubling up in size. This gave birth to several colourful nicknames, which I would hate to repeat. But as time passed by, I did find better ways to care for my mane. I also learnt that I have high porosity hair, which means it tends to lose moisture faster. This leads to annoying dryness in day two hair, with dullness and knots making an appearance just in time for my next wash. It also doesn’t help that I keep experimenting with at-home hair dyes, which does damage your hair.

The only time I’ve noticed my hair behaving was when I followed up the wash with a leave-in treatment that helped seal the hair follicles to lock in hydration. But my search for a good hydrating shampoo (one that’ll let me skip the leave-in treatments) was still on. That was until I went in for my recent hair appointment (getting rid of some quarantine length) and the hairstylist took matters into her own hands to fix the state of my dry hair. Following her grimace was a relaxing hair wash with the TIGI Custom Care Moisture shampoo and conditioner. My first impression was how smooth the stylist’s hands felt in my hair. No tugging and pulling, which is something I do struggle with while cleansing my mane. The haircut was a success, but I did decide to pick up the products for an at-home haircare experience and here is a quick tried and tested review of the range…


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The%20TIGI%20Custom%20care Moisture range gave me my smoothest hair wash experience ever2

The%20TIGI%20Custom%20care Moisture range gave me my smoothest hair wash experience ever2

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