It’s no secret that we all yearn for those flawless locks, tangleless and lustrous and the only one-stop for a mane that impresses is good TLC. And we’re not talking about those expensive parlour appointments that take a coin off your purse or just give your locks that temporary glisten - instead we’re all about the little something you can do for your tresses. Other than adopting a healthy lifestyle, a good leave-in conditioner is the magic factor. Resting on your strands and curing all that damage you’ve put ‘em through. A good leave-in solution if used regularly is sure to give you those Rapunzel-like locks in no time. So, if you too are on the quest to improve the quality of your hair, you’re at the right place for we’re stocked up on all the right leave-in conditioner names. So, take notes for softness awaits you!  

Leave-in Conditioner Best for Damaged Hair  

If the world around has left you and your locks #exhausted - it’s time to switch things up.  

Away from all those hours spent trying to tame your wild locks into manageable, no frizz styles with sprays and straighteners (that tbh, only cause more damage) we’re here with all the scoop on choosing the right measure AKA the right conditioner!    

1. Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask  

leave in conditioner

If you’re drawing in all that frizz or split ends that literally ruin any look  you got the curse of dryness and heat damage to thank for that! To restore your mane to its former glory, you need to take things into your own hands and add the MVP to your haircare arsenal, the Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask. Formulated to nourish and help with hair damage prevention by strengthening strands from within, the hair mask is filled with keratin repair actives that will leave you with smoother, more manageable and healthier hair. To make the most of this goody, generously apply it to your stands and wait 10 minutes. Don’t be in a haste to wash it off as we all know, that makes waste! So, get the patience workin’ girls for the benefits are great. 

 2. Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil And Lavender Hair Mask  

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Attention folks! There’s obviously a reason why argan oil keeps appearing in every haircare list - dubbed as Morocco’s liquid gold, it can pretty much solve all of your dryness issues. And the best part we know of a wowing conditioner that is loaded with the kiss of argan oil, the Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil And Lavender Hair Mask! Working relentlessly on those frizz-free locks, you can’t miss out on this leave-in conditioner.   

If just a conditioner is not giving you the results you want, double up with this gentle hair mask. While it is free of parabens, artificial scents and dyes, it makes use of actual lavender for a scantling floral scent that makes each one of your conditioning sessions super calming!  

PS: Light a candle as you use this leave-in conditioner to detangle your locks - trust us, the vibes + results are unmatched. 

3. Dove Healthy Ritual For Strengthening Hair 

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Next on our radar is another from a brand that cares, Dove. And we’re not talking about any one of their other stellar conditioners but one that has won several hearts this year, the Dove Healthy Ritual For Strengthening Hair. This hair mask is inspired by the rituals of Nordic women and infused with the goodness of oat milk and honey; natural ingredients that are known for their moisturising and strengthening properties. Dove has borrowed their fab recipe for today’s women on the run to give their hair nourishment, hydration and recovery like never before! Just by using this superior leave-in conditioner, 2-3 times a week, one will be able to enjoy the love of luscious and thick locks! So, what are you waiting for? Let the love roll!  

Fun Facts About Leave-in Conditioners  

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#1 The easy route to beach waves 

Leave-in conditioners can do a lot for your hair and they also take their charm to the world of heatless styling. If you’re looking for quick beach waves, spray a small amount of leave-in conditioner to damp hair, comb through and braid. And once air-dried, you’ll have thick waves in no time. So, get that savannah look prepped RN!  

#2 They control the flyaways 

You no longer need to load your hair with heat to tame those pesky flyaways, all you need is to get your hands on a solid solid leave-in conditioner. Taming those small strands helps in giving that neat look. So much so, you can also cop that sexy Bella Hadid slit back look with the right product on your shelves.  

FAQs about Leave-in Conditioner Best for Damaged Hair   

Detangling your questions, one answer at a time! 

Q1 How often should I condition myself if I have curly hair?   

First of all, leave the conditioner in for 2 to 5 minutes before rinsing it. If you have extremely dry hair, you can condition it every other day till the curls recover their shape.  

Q2 What is the right way to apply a leave-in conditioner?  

A2: Apply the deep leave-in conditioner gradually from the roots to the tips; so no inches are left out. Also, give your scalp some extra attention and massage the conditioner into your scalp. This helps the conditioner reach the hair follicles and hydrate every bit of your hair.  

Q3 How long should I leave in a conditioner for? 

A1: For starters, there are two predominant types of  deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners and wash-off conditioners. The latter is applied post-shower and can be left on your locks until your next shower. However, if that is not a commitment you’re willing to make, no more than 30 minutes should be enough. And if you’re guessing which wash-off conditioner you should add to your cart.  On the wash-off conditioners front, it should be applied right shampooing the hair and should be left on for a brief 5 to 10 minutes.