This Volumising Cream Will Give Your Limp, Thin Hair A New Lease Of Life

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
This volumising cream will give your limp, thin hair a new lease of life

Girls with fine hair, listen up. Yes, life has not been very fair to you. I mean, here you are, struggling with thin hair, while own sister flaunts a fuller mane (damn you, biased genes). But relax! We have something that’s probably going to make you forget you were born with limp hair.

You might already know this, but let us just put it out there in case you don’t. You need a volumising cream in your beauty shelf-like, RN. And to make things easier for you, we’d even suggest one. We are talking about the TIGI Bed Head Small Talk Volumizing Cream.

It is a hairstyling hero that you need to add in your hairstyling stash right away. Why, you ask? Here is not one, but three reasons why you need the TIGI Bed Head Small Talk Volumizing Cream on your shelf for a fuller and seemingly voluminous mane.


It amps up the volume in a tick

It turns your drab hair fab

If your hair falls flat or your ponytail is scraggy and your bun is the size of a golf ball, it is obvious that you are in dire need of a volume-building hair product. TIGI Bed Head Small Talk Volumizing Cream is the volume-boosting cream that helps lift the roots and add tons of body, movement and texture to your hair. Use it on damp hair and blow-dry for a natural bounce and salon-like blowout in no time.  


It can help control frizz

It turns your drab hair fab

Not only does it add volume and texture to your hair, but also helps control frizz, which god knows you could really use some help with. Fine hair is seriously prone to frizz and flyaway and a volumising cream like this one can help you tame frizziness and get smooth and gorgeous hair. It has Pro-Vitamin B5 which moisturises and conditions and anti-static agents which smoothens out the frizzy hair, leaving it smooth and soft.


It turns your drab hair fab

It turns your drab hair fab

In simple words, it changes your hair game completely. It offers medium hold, a fresh fragrance (it’s called blueberry dream, so you can imagine) and neutral finish which all in all make it a wonderful hair product for your fine hair. It transforms your flat hair into voluminous and luscious mane that you’ve been dreaming of. So, if you were living the limp life or were already looking for a volumising cream to amp your hair game, now you know which one to go for.

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