Cold winter months present a set of unique problems that you do not have to worry about during the rest of the year. Those knitted hats are adorable, but don’t get us started on the amount of static that builds up in hair — super annoying! Fortunately, there is a way to combat winter hair woes without turning into Mrs Grinch this season. Here are five common winter hair problems and tips on how to fix them.


01. Dry and brittle strands

01. Dry and brittle strands

A considerable dip in the moisture levels in the air can leave your hair looking dry and brittle. This is especially true for curly-haired girls as their tresses are already dry by nature. The simple fix to this not-so-cute hair situation is to (A) avoid heat tools that will further dry your hair and (B) include hydrating products in your hair care routine that renew and replenish dry hair.

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02. Split Ends

02.  Split Ends

The best way to get rid of split ends is to go for regular trims, but if you’re still contemplating visit a salon amid the pandemic, we suggest you take matters into your own hands. Do not give yourself an elaborate haircut; instead, use this trick — take thin strands of hair between your fingers and twist it around until you see the split-ends on the sides and snip away. This will at least, temporarily, fix the look of your hair until you visit your hairstylist.


03. Static flyaways

03.  Static flyaways

A sudden dip in the temperature can cause your hair to pick up an electrical charge from the dry air, causing it to stand up. To combat this, include hydrating shampoos and conditioners in your haircare routine to keep your strands nourished and moisturised. Also, avoid using the hairdryer and switch to silk pillowcases as cotton cases absorb moisture and silk helps retain it.

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04. Matted hair

04. Matted hair

If you like to leave your hair open under hats, you might get tempted to tuck the strands into your hoodie or your jacket just to keep them out of the cold air. This can lead to matting of hair — a simple issue you can avoid by putting your tresses into protective braided hairstyles and sleek buns!


05. Dry and itchy scalp

05.  Dry and itchy scalp

It is generally recommended to treat your scalp the same way you treat your skin. So, if your skin is getting dry during the winter months, so is your scalp. Dry scalp lacks hydration and moisture, leading to flaking and itching. A good way to instantly nourish the scalp is pampering it to a hot oil champi to calm the itchy sensation.

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