The summers are here and the sun seems to be enjoying getting to shine in all its glory, raising surface temperatures and tanning just about everything that it sets its sight upon. The fashion this side of the hemisphere is changing too, with the people near the tropics shifting to more colourful and breathable fabrics. With the sun scorching down upon the Earth, the change in scenery brings about a sort of holistic transformation in the way people go about their lives as well.

Right from altering their culinary habits (don’t forget to stay hydrated this summer!) to revising the list of accessories that they carry along (including the different summer hairstyles they’re pinned on), summer trends influence the everyday lives of people like no other. Sunscreen, sunglasses, straw hats and umbrellas become an indispensable part of your summer ensemble, each playing its part to reduce your discomfort as you attempt to step out in the sweltering heat. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re staying along the coast or deep into the hinterlands, the summer heat can be quite unnerving to deal with.

7 cool summer hairstyles to keep you calm and chic all summer

And ladies, if you’ve got long hair, there’s a good chance you’ll want to stay indoors all day in the soothing ambience created by your air-conditioning running on full blast. Fret not though, for there’s still a ray of sunshine (pun intended) when it comes to dealing with your summer haircuts hardships. And you won’t necessarily need to take the extreme step of chopping off those precious locks of yours either.

Based on the latest trends this season, we at BeBeautiful have curated a list of summer hairstyles that will help you stay cool and chic all summer long.


1. Wet and sleek

Wet and sleek

This one is perhaps the easiest amongst the lot to do and thereby, in a way also the most prevailing summer hairstyle. All you’ve to do is to get copious amounts of styling cream on your hair and make sure that it looks sleek and slicked back. And since you know that summer is going to make you sweat eventually, with this look, you won’t even have to worry about the sun and sweat spoiling your hairdo. A wet look for the summers, we believe, is the perfect way to stay cool!


2. Beach waves baby

Beach waves baby

Summer is the time when you visit the beach most often, surfing in the sea, building sandcastles or just letting your hair down (literally so) and having some fun in the sun. Long wavy hair, personify beach time like no other and is classy all the same too. Pair up this summer hairstyle with a bikini as you get ready for your beach tan and you’ll only have more people tripping in the sand (not that you care as long as you’re getting your tan on).


3. Fun with buns in the sun

Fun with buns in the sun

There’s just so much fun that you can have with hair buns during summer. Be it a top knot, a side bun or a low one, you can play around all you want with your hair. And the best part is that this kind of a summer hairstyle for women keeps the hair from your neck as well, letting the light midsummer breeze keep you cool. Pair it up with a stylish bandana (something with bright colours and summery prints would complement your bun really well) to complete your sunny look for the season.


4. Messy hair don’t care

Messy hair don’t care

Messy hair is fun, easy and comfortable to wear. Whether your hair’s long and tied loosely into a knot or just a short pixie cut, messy hair with a few strands layering around your face is the perfect way to wear summer casual. Cheerful, casual and carefree, messy hair is one summer hairstyle that we don’t see going out of fashion any time soon.


5. Summery floral braids

Summery floral braids

Whether it’s pink petunias, purple coneflowers, bluish catmints, white candytufts or yellowish-orange marigolds, summer is a season that sees quite a few bright and colourful flowers bloom. And if you’re wondering what’s better than seeing all of these summer blossoms, it’s having them smelling sweet in your hair. Make a crown from these flowers or just pin them onto your braid (a simple one or one twisted half up and down), floral is the way to go when it comes to summer braid hairstyles.


6. Bohemian passions

Bohemian passions

Summer is the time for vacations, a time when you let go of your mundane work life (and quite a few your inhibitions as well) and take a buoyant step into the world of the carefree. Whether it’s with your family, travel partner or just by yourself, summer tends to bring out the bohemian in everyone. So as to match your blithe passions, Bohemian braids paired with a nice summery dress can help elevate your mood and get you ready for the summer fun in store for you.


7. Straw hats and pigtails

Straw hats and pigtails

Hats definitely are summer fashion, but they don’t necessarily have to be the only one you don on your head. Be it for a visit to the farm or to the beach, straw hats paired with a bun or pigtails can help take your cuteness quotient to a whole new level. Pigtails are a fun, bubbly easy summer hairstyle and they give your hair all the desired volume while still letting your neck breathe freely. It doesn’t matter if you let your hair loose on the sides or bind them in pouffes using elastic hair ties; pigtails are just as perfect for some summer fun in the countryside as they are for the beachside.