7 Celebrity-Inspired Summer Hairstyles For Every Hair Length Out There

Written by Urvi DalalNov 30, 2023
7 celebrity-inspired summer hairstyles for every hair length out there

Summer is our favourite season when it comes to experimenting with makeup, simply because it is the perfect time to add a little colour. But unfortunately, we cannot say the same about hairstyling. Thanks to the extremely hot and humid weather in India, more often than not, our summer hairstyles end up being either a high ponytail or a seriously messy bun, both of which are created with the intention of warding off the heat.

But if we are being completely honest, we really missed recreating some super cute and feminine hairstyles all through the summer months. But all of this changed when we decided to take matters in our own hands by scouring the internet for some chic and wearable summer hairstyles. And as luck would have it, we didn’t have to look too far; our B-town ladies came to the rescue (as always)!

From stunning half-up half-down hairstyles to the perfect way to use hair accessories, here are seven celebrity-inspired summer hairstyles every girl needs to try this summer. Check ‘em out!


1. Accessorised low ponytail

03. Avoid heat styling

Image courtesy:@realhinakhan

Be it hairstyles or makeup, always trust Hina Khan to come up with the best. Even though extremely gorgeous, we love how simple this deep side-parted low ponytail is. The addition of that lovely printed scarf helps make things a lot more interesting and gives this hairstyle the perfect summer touch! The addition of that lovely blue eyeliner definitely helps take this entire look several notches higher, don’t you think?


2. Textured low bun

03. Avoid heat styling

Image courtesy: @sonamkapoor

This fashionista of Bollywood undoubtedly knows how to keep things cool and stylish this summer. Apart from the lovely white outfit that already screams summer, we love how effortless that bun looks. The tousled texture of this hairstyle coupled with those beautiful face-framing tendrils make this ordinary summer hairstyle look so stunning, something we always expect Sonam to do.


3. Messy high ponytail

03. Avoid heat styling

Image courtesy: @ananyapanday

Want to create a hairstyle that’s quick, easy and puts you in the summer mood instantly? Enter: the good ol’ high ponytail like Ananya Panday’s right here. We totally love the textured messy vibe of this ponytail that lends this entire look a very effortlessly sexy feel, while those loose tendrils frame Ananya’s face so beautifully, softening her features. Pair this hairstyle with a cute summer dress, a casual jeans and tee or even a formal pantsuit, and we’re sure you’ll love it each time!


4. Sleek ponytail

03. Avoid heat styling

Image courtesy:@kritisanon

Speaking of ponytails, here’s another version that we totally adore and find ourselves recreating quite often, especially during summer. If you are looking for a more formal take on the ponytail, this sleek low ponytail on Kriti Sanon should definitely win your heart. We love the simple, no-nonsense vibe of this hairstyle. Remember to spray a generous amount of a setting spray to keep those annoying flyaways in check.


5. Cute headbands

03. Avoid heat styling

Image courtesy: @kajalaggarwalofficial

If you’re planning to go on a summer beach vacation, then don’t forget to carry a cute headband like Kajal Aggarwal. Available in innumerable prints and textures, hair accessories are a great way to add more character to any outfit and help instantly elevate it’s appearance. Besides, a headband is also quite functional; it is a great way to keep your hair in place while still keeping things super chic and stylish.


6. Dutch braids

03. Avoid heat styling

Image courtesy:@janhvikapoor

Braids are an excellent summer hairstyle that not only look super stylish, but also protect your hair against environmental damage. This super cute hairstyle on Janhvi Kapoor looks really elegant, and delivers a different edgy vibe to her entire look. Since this hairstyle already makes for a statement look, we recommend that you keep the rest of your makeup simple and elegant with a nude base, flushed cheeks and a soft, pink pout. We’re sure you’ll find a lot of compliments coming your way.


7. Double bubble braids

03. Avoid heat styling

If you are bored of recreating the same old hairstyles, then here’s a bubble braids hairstyle on Sara Ali Khan that should be right up your alley. Even though this summer hairstyle may not be for the faint-hearted, you need to accept that it looks extremely stylish and helps take Sara’s look several notches higher.


How to take care of hair in summer

03. Avoid heat styling

Now that we have seen some celebrity-inspired summer hairstyles that you must definitely recreate this year, it is also important to understand that following a good hair care routine will go a long way in keeping your hair healthy and make all these hairstyles look a lot better. Read on for five simple summer hair care tips to keep your hair looking soft and healthy throughout the harsh summer months.

03. Avoid heat styling

The rise in temperature and constant humidity lead to an increase in oil and sweat, which can cause build-up on the scalp. This is why it is important to wash your hair at least two to three times a week with a gentle shampoo to get rid of the dirt and excess oils. But remember to avoid over-washing. If you have an oily scalp, use a dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh in between washes.

03. Avoid heat styling

The sunrays are extremely harsh during the summers and can cause a lot of damage. It can suck the moisture out of your strands and even result in the fading of your hair colour. But don’t worry, preventing this is easy. Make sure that you use a leave-conditioner after each wash and cover your head with either a scarf or a hat while stepping out, especially between 11 am to 4 pm.

03. Avoid heat styling

The constant humidity, harsh sun rays and increased temperatures are anyway creating enough havoc with your strands, don’t add to the stress on your hair by using heat styling tools. These tools further zap away all the moisture from your strands, thereby leaving them extremely dry and prone to breakage. Instead, you could try any of the simple summer hairstyles mentioned above to protect your hair without compromising on your style quotient.

Main image courtesy: @janhvikapoor

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