How To Upgrade Your Summer Updos With Double Tendrils

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
How to upgrade your summer updos with double tendrils

Every time a fashion or beauty trend from the 90s makes a comeback, my heart leaps with joy! From chunky boots to rainbow-hued eyeshadows, the 90s were, IMO, an excellent time for expressing your creative flare. As millennials, it also holds a place of nostalgia as these are the looks that our favourite pop stars and movie stars would wear. They are also super OTT, which is perfect for the days you want to try something new with your face… or hair!

A particular ‘90s trend that has made a comeback, especially on glamorous red carpets, are the face-framing double tendrils and we have something to say about them.


What do double tendrils look like?

02. Soft waves

Remember back when pencils or chopsticks used to be the only thing holding women's buns together? Well, not so much, because their hair would always fall loose from the front, giving them face-framing tendrils that looked oh-so-chic without even trying. At a time where hair trends are taking a more casual turn (shag haircuts, curtain bags, messy buns?), the comeback of this trend was inevitable.


How to wear double tendrils?

02. Soft waves

All of the cool girls are wearing it. From Ashley Graham's soft waves to Kendall Jenner’s sophisticated drops, double tendrils work on any face shape. You can style them any which way you want, decide on the density and wear effortlessly with your summer updo styles.

But how do you pick the right way to wear them? It all depends on the kind of vibe you are going for. Right now, there are two main ways girls are wearing them:


01. Pin-straight

02. Soft waves

The likes of supermodel Bella Hadid have been working tirelessly to bring back Gen X trends, and her go-to look for a sleek bun is to add pin-straight double tendrils. The approach works when you want to keep your look youthful but need a few fine-tuned details in there. A fancy office party can warrant for such a style, but make sure you keep the density less. Thick, pin-straight tendrils can end up looking like a wig attachment gone wrong, and nobody wants that!


02. Soft waves

02. Soft waves

Double-tendrils with soft waves look fabulous in a high ponytail! Women with thin hair can add volume to their updo styles with soft waves in the front. They also give you an out if you don't know how to contour your face. You can hide behind twisted waves and let them do all the work!

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