5 Easy-Peasy Yet Chic Hairstyles That Are Perfect For The Rainy Season

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
5 easy-peasy yet chic hairstyles that are perfect for the rainy season

The rainy season AKA humid and sticky weather can be harsh on your hair. From frizz and flyaways to scalp infections and greasiness, monsoon can bring your hair game down and how!

This weather therefore calls for easy-breezy yet stylish (always) hairstyles that will solve your hair woes and at the same time make you look like a million bucks. To help you stay on top of your hair game this monsoon, we’ve curated some of the easiest, flaunt-worthy hairdos...

5 easy chic hairstyles perfect for the rainy season

Sleek low ponytail

You can either opt for a deep side parting or a center parted ponytail. Use a smoothening hair serum before you go in with this hairstyle. Doing so will keep frizz at bay, when you step out on a rainy day.

5 easy chic hairstyles perfect for the rainy season

Twisted top knot

Rainwater and humidity together can make you look like a frizzy mess. With frizz come endless flyaways that can simply ruin the entire look. Now obviously, you don’t want that. So ladies, opt for a sleek, no-flyaway twisted top knot. This way you won’t just have your hair swept away from your face, but also be able to tame your tresses and make them stay put, neatly!

5 easy chic hairstyles perfect for the rainy season

Side French plait

This intricate hairstyle may take some time and effort but it can take your hair game several notches higher. Also, braids are huge this season! So style your hair in a side French plait for a brunch or a date night. You can either tug at your braid for volume or leave it sleek and neat.

5 easy chic hairstyles perfect for the rainy season

Double Dutch braids

The best way to keep hair damage at bay in the rainy season is to keep your hair secured in a neat hairstyle. If you have shoulder-length hair, then go for the Double Dutch braid. This cool and chic hairstyle can be teamed with a casual attire.

5 easy chic hairstyles perfect for the rainy season

Bubble ponytail

You don’t always have to wear your ponytail the regular way. Jazz things up a little and give your ponytail a twist. Bubble ponytails are in and you could try them out this monsoon season. All you need to do is tie your hair into a ponytail, then tie off the ends of your hair with equally spaced scrunchies every few inches. Then tug at each section to create a bubble effect. Voila!

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