Winter season, a magical time when the wind gets colder and hearts get warmer. From family gatherings to weddings to Christmas and new year, what’s not to love about winters? We’ll tell you — hair fall! Yes, amidst all of this merry-making, our hair suffers the most due to the lack of humidity and cold air, resulting in hair fall and breakage. But worry not; here are five tips that will help you kiss hair fall goodbye and welcome strong, silky tresses!


01. Limit hot water showers

Limit hot water showers

Taking inspiration from dating lives for hair care has not worked out for everyone! So this winter, swap hot steamy showers with a cold or lukewarm water shower. Hot water strips your scalp of its natural oils and dries up your skin, resulting in dryness and frizz. It’s best to opt for a lukewarm shower to keep the hair hydrated.


02. Don’t wash your hair every day

Don’t wash your hair every day

Cut back on the times you wash your hair to maintain the PH balance of the scalp, especially if you are prone to dryness. Washing hair frequently during winters will weaken your locks causing them to fall. It’s best to stick to washing your hair 2-3 times a week with an anti-hair fall shampoo like the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo. Infused with nutri lock actives, it protects the hair from breakage and keeps it soft, smooth and healthy.


03. Keep your hair moisturised

Keep your hair moisturised

Moisturise and hydrate your hair like there’s no tomorrow. No, don’t take it literally. What we mean is, feed your hair with double the moisture than normal. Moisturising hair masks like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask are your BFFs this winter. Apply on damp hair from mid-length to ends post shampooing and keep on for 3-5 minutes, before rinsing off. Use this mask twice a week or whenever your hair needs an instant boost of hydration.


04. Include antioxidants in your diet

Include antioxidants in your diet

Your diet majorly affects the health of your hair. Including antioxidants like Omega-3 can protect your tresses from falling out. How, you ask? They reduce the amount of oxidative stress and radical damage that cause the breakdown of hair cells and lead to hair fall. Also make sure to include walnuts, broccoli, blueberries, kidney beans and tomatoes in your diet to nourish your body and hair.


05. Steam your hair

Steam your hair

Hair steaming is instrumental, especially during the winter season as the heat from it helps in hydrating your hair and also stirs up blood flow to the scalp, promoting hair growth. This strengthens your tresses causing them to fall less, and who wouldn’t want that?