You slather dollops of sunscreen on your skin to keep it protected from sun damage. But what about your hair? Your hair demands equal sun protection too. And for good reason—ultraviolet rays can damage the cuticle and shaft of your strands, and alter its texture, making it dry and rough and leading to split-ends, greying, thinning, and discolouration. Here's how you can minimise hair damage during the summers.


01. Avoid using heat-styling tools

Avoid using heat-styling tools

Reaching out for our blow-dryers after we’ve washed our hair is almost a reflex. The reality is that any application of heat draws moisture out of our hair, increases breakage, and leads to dryness. And this situation is exacerbated by sun exposure. It’s best to switch to air-drying instead. And avoid styling your hair with curlers and straighteners too.


02. Commit to masking

Commit to masking

A mask is intended to counter the issue of dry, dull, and damaged hair from the inside out for long-lasting results. A medley of nourishing oils and ingredients, a mask moisturizes, softens, and hydrates your tresses, improves the health of the scalp, reinforces the strength of your strands, and accelerates growth. A conditioner cannot do all of these. You can accompany masking with steaming to open up the cuticles of the hair. Remember that masks ought to be applied throughout the hair—from the tips to the ends.

If your hair is extremely damaged from exposure to the sun, turn to the nourishing Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask to restore the lustrous avatar of your undamaged hair. Enriched with moisturising cream and keratin actives, this formula smoothens the surface of your tresses and makes your hair resilient to everyday wear and tear. Just divide your hair into smaller sections, and apply a dollop of this formula from the roots to the tips twice a week for healthy, nourished hair.


03. Wear a hat

Wear a hat

Cover your hair with a hat to minimise exposure to the sun when you're stepping out of your house. Try buying one that is wide enough to cover your face as well as your neck.


04. Invest in SPF

Invest in SPF

Yup. You'll find multiple SPF-infused products for your hair. Choose one that will suit your hair, and incorporate it into your regimen for added protection from the sun.


05. Tweak your diet

Tweak your diet

To undo all the oxidative damage caused by the sun, you must include antioxidants into your diet in the form of leafy, green vegetables and fruits. A rainbow diet is ideal.