What exactly is the chain of events that turns nourished and healthy hair into a dull and damaged mess? Factors like following an improper hair care routine, high humidity levels, not brushing hair too often or having naturally thick and curly texture can all lead to hair dryness. If left unchecked for too long, the dryness causes your hair cuticles to remain open and get tangled with other hair strands. And given that you might have been wearing your hair in a messy bun for days, the result is dull and damaged tresses that are in serious need of revival. Here is a 3-step guide to help you do that at home…


1. Wash and condition to reset your mane

Wash and condition to reset your mane

Before you try to brush your severely tangled mane, wash it with a damage repairing shampoo conditioner duo. Water opens up your cuticles further, and a conditioner will help soften up the knots so that you can safely detangle your tresses without breakage. Pick a hydrating formula that uses potent ingredients to nourish and soften your hair while washing it.

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2. Apply a deep conditioner and detangle

Apply a deep conditioner and detangle

If you have dry and damaged, you need more than a shampoo and conditioner to salvage your unruly tresses—enter: Deep conditioner. A deep conditioning hair mask can hydrate your tresses and also helps repair the damage. Apply the mask from mid-lengths (starting from the bottom tip of the ear) to the ends. Use a wide toothed comb to slowly start detangling from the bottom, moving to the top. Detangle 2-3 cm wide strands to keep the damage to a minimum and keep the mask on for another five minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water.

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3. Use a protein-rich serum

Use a protein-rich serum

Introducing a protein-rich serum in your hair care routine can help reinforce the broken bonds and repair your damaged tresses. Not to mention it will also give your hair a smooth, glossy and attractive finish. Use a narrow-toothed comb to really massage the serum into your hair. Again, apply the product from mid-lengths to ends and comb through starting from the bottom. Finally, let your hair air-dry for best results.