Haircare trends have seen a significant shift in the past couple of years. Now, it is more about focusing on improving the health of your tresses instead of just making them look nice. That means using scalp-loving ingredients that will transform the look and feel of your hair. This focal shift to ingredients has also catapulted scalp care to one of the top priorities. The logic being simple: If you don’t have a healthy scalp, you can’t have healthy hair.

The fact that treating your scalp with quality ingredients is the key to good hair is super important. Here are five scalp-loving ingredients that will solve your hair woes. Check ‘em out…


01. Aloe vera

5 scalp-loving ingredients for healthy hair - Aloe vera

A natural conditioner, aloe vera is not good for just the skin but the hair as well! Summer sweat and excessive greasiness can clog your hair follicles and lead to seasonal hair loss. Aloe vera has long been known to be able to unclog the pores and hydrate your scalp deeply. This popular ingredient can also soothe scalp irritation caused by heat and direct sun exposure.

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02. Tea tree

5 scalp-loving ingredients for healthy hair - Tea tree

One of the leading hair issues in the summer is oily scalps, leading to limp looking hair and a foul odour. A gentle way to maintain a clean scalp without stripping it of moisture is to incorporate tea tree into your hair care routine. Tea tree is also known for its antibacterial properties that help fight scalp infections and keep dandruff at bay.

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03. Menthol

5 scalp-loving ingredients for healthy hair - Menthol

Menthol is a great ingredient to add to your summer hair care routine. It offers a much needed cooling sensation to your scalp and also deodorises it. Menthol is also known to circulate blood circulation on the scalp and helps with dandruff control to arrest hair fall and aid in hair growth.

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05. Honey

5 scalp-loving ingredients for healthy hair - Honey

A natural humectant, honey can maintain the hydration level on your scalp without making it feel oily or greasy. In the summer, honey can help replenish lost moisture and nutrients in your scalp and keep it healthy. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits, which work wonders to keep scalp irritation and sensitivity under control.

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05. Neem

5 scalp-loving ingredients for healthy hair - Neem

This Ayurvedic powerhouse has been used in hair care for centuries now. Neem is such a good detoxifying agent to add to your summer hair care routine. Not only does it conditioner your scalp, but it is also able to get rid of oil and product buildup to refresh your mane!

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