Indian monsoons are notorious for being unpredictable. It is not your fault for getting caught in the rain unprepared. You cannot realistically avoid getting your hair wet in the rain all the time, but it helps to have a proper wash-and-dry routine for rain-drenched hair. Rainwater brings down with it environmental pollutants present in the air. These compounds can disturb the protein bonds in your hair, leading to frizziness and dullness. As such, it is necessary to tend to rain-drenched hair so that the pollutants are not left in your hair for a long time. Here is a quick hair wash routine to help you care for your hair after it gets wet in the rain…

Got caught in the rain? Here’s a quick wash-and-dry routine to avoid frizziness

Step 01: Wash and condition

It is not necessary to reach for your strongest shampoo to get rid of rainwater! Instead, pick a frizz-fighting and nourishing formula like the Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil and Lavender Aroma Smooth and Serene Shampoo and Conditioner. Use the rinse and repeat method to properly clean your hair without drying it out too much. Plus, the fast-rinse conditioner is actually good for the planet too.

Step 02: Apply a serum

Getting wet with rainwater can often affect your hair cuticles, making them prone to dryness later. Reinforce your hair bonds with a nutrient-rich formula like the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Hair Serum. Use the praying hands method to apply the serum from mid-lengths to ends, gently rubbing the ends with the product to improve absorption.

Step 03: Dry thoroughly

It is not a good idea to leave your hair to air-dry during the monsoon. If you are worried about heat damage, use a heat protection spray or stick to the coldest setting on your dryer to blow dry your hair. Make sure you dry your hair thoroughly as any kind of dampness will lead to frizz thanks to the humidity.

Step 04: Put your hair in a protective style

Once dry, you will want to put your hair in a protective hairstyle to help curb the frizziness. Hairstyles like dutch braids, center-parted low buns, flat twisted pigtails, or pineapple updos are both chic and help keep the hair out of our face. When you take off your hairdo, you will find your hair in a much more manageable state, as opposed to wearing it down after the wash-and-dry routine.