Frizzy, messy and damaged — these three words perfectly describe the state of our hair during the monsoon. And don’t even get us started on the dilemma we face every day on how to style them! Leave them open, and they’ll turn into a frizzy mess, tie them in a ponytail, and it ends up looking limp and flat. Ugh! The battles are never-ending, but we have you covered on this front. Here are five monsoon-friendly hairstyles that are easy to create, keep frizz and tangles at bay and protect tresses from rain damage. Excited? Scroll down to try them all.


01. Space buns

Space buns

Image Courtesy: @Livingly

Move over messy buns; space buns are back with a bang! From Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande to Katy Perry, this fun bun is a hit among celebs and beauty enthusiasts alike. This 90s hairstyle is perfect for protecting your hair from frizz and tangles and keeping them chic while you are at it. Make a middle parting. Make a high ponytail on each side and twist them in a bun around the base of your ponytail. Secure it with a pin, and you’re done.


02. Side fishtail braid

Side fishtail braid

Image Courtesy: @AllFreeDIYWeddings

Braids are a classic way to keep your hair stylish and safe during the monsoons. We love a simple side fishtail braid for this season as it looks great on greasy and unwashed hair. So, brush your hair and make a side pony. Split it into two equal sections and continue to cross small pieces of hair over the centre till you reach the tips and just tie it up with a hair tie.


03. Half up, half down bun

Half up, half down bun

Image Courtesy: @Alfemminile

Keeping your hair down in monsoon sounds absurd, but not when you aim for the easy half up, half down bun hairstyle. To make sure the hair remains frizz-free and manageable, apply a good serum like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum to the lengths of your hair. Divide your front hair into three parts. Dive your hair into two horizontal sections and secure the top half into a ponytail. Tease the pony a bit and warp it in a top knot at the crown.


04. Side braid

Side braid

Image Courtesy: @PureWow

It is recommended to keep your hair tied up in the monsoon to keep them safe, but doing this becomes a little difficult when you have short hair. We suggest going for a side braid to keep your hair manageable and fashionable at the same time. Just a section of hair from the front and make a classic 3-strand braid. Pin it at the back of your head with bobby pins, and you’re good to go. You can also add some loose curls to your hair to take this look several notches higher.


05. Messy low ponytail

Messy low ponytail

Image Courtesy: @Livingly

Yes, we had to include a ponytail in the list. But not just any ponytail. Everyone’s favourite — a messy, voluminous one. If you have greasy hair, simply apply spritz on some dry shampoo like the Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo on the roots. This will absorb the excess oil and also add some insane volume to your tresses. Once that’s done, slightly part your hair in the front and then pull them back to tie them up in a low ponytail. Now, pull out a few tendrils from the front to add a messy effect to the look.


Main Image Courtesy: @The Right Hairstyles