Summer is here, and we’re all set to make the most of it by sipping refreshing coolers and wearing cute dresses that look adorable under the sun! But with lovely summer dresses (and short shorts) comes the need for equally gorgeous hairstyles to elevate our Insta feeds.

While wearing our hair down might have been okay when the temperature was a bit forgiving, the season of sweat requires nothing less than a fabulous ponytail. But it is 2021, and updated ponytail hairstyles are doing the rounds that will elevate all of your summer outfits in an instant. We went ahead and picked out some of our personal faves for you to try! Check them out...


01. Wavy low ponytail

Wavy low ponytail

Image courtesy: @kseniya_fed

Upgrade your regular low ponytail to a dressier version with this wavy delight! Start by brushing out your hair and adding soft waves with a straightening iron. Keep your hair parted down the centre to keep it looking chic, and use a silky ribbon to secure the ponytail.


02. Textured double ponytail

Textured double ponytail

Image courtesy: @bridgetbragerhair

This one is a bit more elaborate than the last but is equally easy to recreate. Start by securing your hair in a half up and half down hairstyle with a hair tie. Then, secure the open tresses with a ruffled ribbon to complete the look. You can add some texture to the look by prepping your hair with the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Texture Paste before styling it.


03. Accented and accessorised

Accented and accessorised

Image courtesy: @leletny

Sometimes, it is all about loading up on those OTT accessories! Grab yourself some metal barrettes or oversized scrunchies to recreate this sectioned ponytail. Girls who like to be *extra* will be swooning over this look; we are sure of that!


04. Braided high ponytail

Braided high ponytail

Image courtesy: @kathleen_hair

Combining the braid’s sleek look with a high ponytail is such a fun idea for a summer hairdo! This hairstyle will let your neck breathe on hot days and make you look super edgy and stylish — what more can you ask for, really!


05. Messy bow-ponytail

Messy bow-ponytail

Image courtesy: @allenthomaswood

Styling day-2 or day-3 hair, but need it to look stunning regardless of being dirty? This messy bow ponytail will perk things up with its cute details! Freshen up your mane with the Dove Fresh and Floral Dry Shampoo and secure with big bows that you can see from miles away, and you are good to go!

Main image courtesy: @kathleen_hair, @anisasojka