Just because you are on a relaxing summer vacay doesn’t mean you should ignore your skincare! A sudden shift in your lifestyle and staying out longer hours can affect the health of your skin. One of the main causes of concern is increased UV exposure, which is at an all-time high when you are out on vacation, exploring quaint cafes and bylanes.

We don’t want you coming back from a fun vacay and worry about dealing with tan lines or sunburns for the weeks to come. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five summer skincare essentials that provide head-to-toe sun protection. So get your hands on these products and


01. A broad-spectrum sunscreen

A broad-spectrum sunscreen

A broad-spectrum sunscreen protects from both UVA and UVB rays and offers heavy-duty protection against direct sunlight. The Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 50 PA+++ Ultra Matte Lotion Sunscreen has a lightweight and ultra-matte texture that feels non-sticky and non-greasy. Apply at least 45 minutes before stepping out in the sun and re-apply every 3-4 hours when you are out and about in the open for maximum sun protection.


02. A heat protectant spray

A heat protectant spray

Prolonged sun exposure can damage your tresses and leave them dry and brittle if not cared for right. To protect your precious locks, get your hands on a versatile product that helps you style your mane and protects it from UV damage. Any guesses? Yes, we’re talking about a heat protectant spray. The Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray helps shield your hair from intense heat and keeps it soft, frizz-free, and shiny for long hours.


03. A compact for quick touch-ups

A compact for quick touch-ups

SPF-infused makeup is one of the best things you can carry with you on a summer vacay. A handy product like the Lakmé Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 40 Compact can be used for midday touch-ups and protect your skin like sunburns, tanning, and skin darkening. Simply toss it in your tote and reapply as and when required.


04. A lightweight lotion for your body

A lightweight lotion for your body

Don’t forget to protect the skin on your body while you’re at it. If you don’t want to be sporting not-so-cute tan lines, don’t forget to pack sunscreen for your vacay. The Vaseline Healthy Bright Sun and Pollution Protection Body Lotion SPF 30 is infused with powerful antioxidants like provitamin C, E and vitamin B3. It absorbs quickly into the skin and provides up to 30X sun protection. So make sure to slather it on before stepping out for the day.


05. SPF for your lips

SPF for your lips

Sun damage on your lips can cause pigmentation on the corners, dryness, darkening and make them appear thinner over time. So get your hands on an SPF-infused chapstick to protect your pout. The Lakmé Lip Love Chapstick SPF 15 comes in six shades and one clear variant, so take your pick. Infused with SPF 15, the chapstick keeps your lips soft, smooth and moisturised all day long.