Dry, frizzy and lacklustre hair is a common winter haircare woe. Most of us are always looking for ways to condition and nourish it. Simply conditioning your hair after washing it may not suffice during the winters because the humidity levels drop considerably leading to dry and frizzy hair.

To help combat this problem effectively, you need to include some nourishing and hydrating face masks in your weekly hair care routine. But for those of you who think that hair masks are an expensive affair, here is a 2-ingredient hair mask that is not just easy on the pocket, but also super effective. Take a look…

two ingredient hair mask to moisturise dry frizzy hair winter

What you need:

7-8 curry leaves

1 bowl of curd

How to prepare:

Step 01: Soak the curry leaves in water for about an hour and then grind them until they form a thick paste.

Step 02: Add this paste to the curd and stir both the ingredients together until they have blended.

Step 03: Apply this mixture all over your hair and scalp and cover it with a shower cap.

Step 04: Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash off with cold water and a mild shampoo.


Curry leaves, a common Indian spice, is packed with a lot of hair-loving benefits. Brimming with nutrients such as beta carotene, amino acids and antioxidants, they not only improve hair growth, but also keep your hair feeling really soft, moisturised and nourished.

Curd is the best ingredient to nourish hair from deep within and leave it silky soft. It comes loaded with nutrients such as B5 and D to nourish your strands from inside out. Additionally, adding curd to this face pack ensures that it offers protection against dandruff and other scalp issues.

In too much of a hurry to DIY-fix dry and frizzy hair? Treat it with the Tresemme Smooth & Shine Conditioner post shampooing for a quick pick me up for your dull hair!