Everything you need to know about the multi-dimensional hair colour trend

Written by Sumona BoseJun 28, 2021

Several questions can pop up in your head when you decide to get your hair coloured. Which colour should you go for? Which colouring technique will best suit your hair texture? How do you make the most of a single colouring session to get a fantastic makeover? There’s a lot to consider when you are getting your hair dyed. So, what if we tell you that there is a hair colouring trend going around that promises to add dimension, movement and depth to your hair without you having to make a bunch of key decisions around it yourself?

Multi-dimensional hair colour is a trendy free-hand technique perfected by salon stylists to give virgin or basic dyed hair a stunning do-over. The best part about this trend? Your stylist will have to take the call on the hues and placement of the same to best frame your face. Really takes the pressure off, doesn’t it?

What does multi-dimensional hair colour look like?

Image courtesy: @hairstylist.madison


Simply put, a multi-dimensional hair colour plays with light and dark shades of the same colour family. For instance, if you are looking to amp up your natural brown hair colour, your stylist can mix and match light chestnut brown or a deep copper shade in the form of either thick highlights or slender teasy lights. If the lighter shades are placed closer to your face, it gives your complexion a brightening effect. Cool, right?

Benefits of multi-dimensional hair colour

Image courtesy: @un.rooted


Sure the multi-dimensional hair colour trend sounds neat, but what exactly are the perks of getting such an elaborate service done? Here are some benefits of this hair colour trend, according to experts:

  1. It does not alter your base colour completely but enhances it by layering dark and light tones. So if you want to add colour to your tresses without your natural tint goodbye, this service will be good for you.
  2. Multi-dimensional colour can be used to create a 3D effect in wavy and curly hair. So if you are looking for an expensive-looking dye job without actually spending a lot, this service is perfect for you.
  3. Think of multi-dimensional hair colouring as contour for your hair. If you want to add some volume to the ends or bring down the volume from the crown area, this technique is a good pick.

Main image courtesy: @nicolescherzinger