The year 2021 has some pretty interesting hair trends to offer! We are slowly getting back into the groove of our pre-pandemic lifestyle, which has given birth to new trends. The new year has people doing both — hitting reset on their hair rituals and taking forward the lessons they have learnt about their mane in the lockdown. After all, we spent a whole year solely responsible for our hair, making us understand its needs better. The new year aims to bring us even closer to our mane, and these popular hair trends for 2021 are proof!


01. Air-dry cuts

Air-dry cuts

Image courtesy: @aslisona

It’s not just our skincare taking the minimal route in 2021, hair trends, too, are following the same path. Air-dry cuts are haircut styles that help you cut-down on hairstyling. They are strategically cut according to your hair type and texture so that when you air-dry it, it still looks done-up and manageable. This is a versatile trend that anybody can wear, especially the ones who want to explore what their natural hair looks and feels like daily.


02. Risqué toning

Risqué toning

Image courtesy: @satshyaa

Quirky colours got so big in 2020, and they are getting even more experiential in 2021. With two-tone and ash grey hair colouring techniques becoming a massive trend, you can expect many risqué hair colours hitting the scene soon enough. The reason? Anyone who is even slightly mad about trying new hair looks learnt how to colour their own hair while in quarantine. Which is why the DIY-hair colouring trend has taken off so well, and without any hair horror stories!


03. Curtain fringes

Curtain fringes

Image courtesy: @priyankachopra

We cannot believe that everybody suddenly decided to get fringes for 2021! Yes, fringes, styled in a parted way in the front, is absolutely the best haircut trend of 2021. It is cool, feathery and fun — all things you might want from your first post-pandemic hair makeover.


04. Hit restart

Hit restart

Image courtesy: @nehadhupia

While there is a trend brewing of women retaining their quarantine length and rocking ‘mermaid hair’ as far as the eyes can see, some are hitting restart instead. Chopping off long tresses is not uncommon now, and even more so since pixies and classic bobs are back in vogue for the season. So if you belong to those who could not take care of their mane while in lockdown, we suggest you hit reset on your tresses and start fresh!


05. As seen on TV

As seen on TV

Image courtesy: @phoebedynevor

Yet another thing that people did in 2020 is binge watch television like there is no tomorrow! The sheer number of fashion-forward content put on screen has gotten people to try the ‘As seen on TV’ looks. You can expect some baby bangs (Bridgerton) or rouge red hair colours (The Queen’s Gambit) to get super popular in the coming months!

Main image courtesy: @aslisona