5 Celebrities Who Give Us Major Double Braid Inspo

Written by Mallika SetalvadFeb 22, 2019
5 celebrities who give us major double braid inspo
The schoolgirl look has made a comeback for quite some time now but our favourite new rendition of old-school has gotta be the double hair braids going stylish. Take a look at some our top picks of celebs sporting the re-invented double braid adding a new kinda drama to their look…

sonakshi sinha with double braid hairstyle inspo

  • Kim Kardashian went with this sporty-yet-stylish Dutch double braid hairdo to avoid regular blow-drying or straightening. Sounds like a smart everyday option especially for a new mom. A welcome break from the icy blonde wig!

    (Tip: Coat hair with a serum before braiding so you can lock in nourishment and double up the coolness with a hair treatment as well!)

sonakshi sinha with double braid hairstyle inspo

  • Our favourite party girl Rihanna goes double braid-into-single with her fiery red hair, and manages to pull it off with elegance, style and aplomb. Note the placement of the singe braid over the front shoulder to dramatize that sexy open back look!

sonakshi sinha with double braid hairstyle inspo

  • Who knew that having a bob cut could let you create a fancy double-braid hair updo! Sienna Miller dons a gorgeous double braid that elegantly pulls back to reveal her glowing face and accentuate those stunning cheek bones.

sonakshi sinha with double braid hairstyle inspo

  • Jacqueline Fernandes goes uber stylish with her double braid going into low ponytail, showing off those beautiful chunky earrings and adding a classic touch to that Indian fusion outfit. Look out for many more imitations from the industry... Jacqueline, you just made waves with the ripples in your hair!

sonakshi sinha with double braid hairstyle inspo

  • Inspired by Kim K, our very own homegirl Sonakshi Sinha dares to don boxer braids and that too on the red carpet! Looking tough and tomboy-cool, Sonakshi gets a thumbs-up from us, for a girl who isn’t afraid of experimenting.

    Feeling tempted to try something new with your tresses? Whether you’re looking for simple, sporty, cool or a classy look, the hassle-free double braid is so in and here to stay!

    Image Credits: Grazia, Bollywood Life, Pinterest

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