Curly And Trendy Hairstyles For Men: Your Complete Guide 

Written by Anushka ShahJan 31, 2023
Curly and Trendy Hairstyles for Men: Your Complete Guide 

Now that women’s hairstyles are peaking in variations; the layers, the flicks and the fringes, why should men be a step behind? To give today’s men the range to choose or make their barber chat a tinge easier, we’ve made a curation of all the trendiest hairstyles in town for our curly hair men. 

Yes, you got that right we’re focusing on not just all hair types, but style niche; the curly hair lads. And of course, it’s no secret that spiral tresses require a bit more TLC that its straighter counterparts. But worry not, as with the right shampoo, guided styling and just a little time in hand, you’ll be ready to attract all those compliments you’ve been dreaming of. So, swaying away from the done and dusted, CR7 spikes and fades, we’re here with the classy and dapper haircuts for our curly hair men. So, make notes boys as the show is about to begin! 

Curly and Trendy Hairstyles for Men in 2022  

Treat yourself to that much awaited makeover!  

 1. Slicked back 

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Date night or just the time to look slick, you know the 90’s hero pulled back look is a total killer. Exuding an unmatched charm, this hairdo requires the effort of combing your back and pulling it back! Plus, it doesn’t matter if you have long locks or short strands, all you need is the willingness to put in a bit of effort. For starters, you’ll need to get your hands on a great gel with effective hold. What would that do? Well, it would firmly hold your mane together so that when you get grooving or as time passes, so your pulled back hair appeal doesn't crumble; a usual occurrence with curly-haired men. Do the most with this stellar curly hair bestie and prep to paint the town red.&nbsp;</p>

2. Layered locks

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And when speaking of the right hair food, we love the Dove Beautiful Curls Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner. This dynamic duo is formulated especially for curly hair and ensures your layers are thoroughly pampered, so that when dried and ready for the day they shine brighter than ever and are geared up for all that impressive business. It goes hard with a triple-moisture ingredient list full of natural gems like aloe, shea and coconut oil that maintain the shape of your curls. If that hasn’t had you sold, it is also free of sulphates and parabens which are a big no-no for your mane. So, make way for it in your cart if a lasting impression is what you want to leave! Long hair never really went out of style to begin with but this year, it just got an upgrade in the form of a layered hairdo that naturally adds texture.

3. Man bun

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If you thought the man bun was passé, you were right. But that doesn’t mean it’s vanishing from the hairstyle circuit. Being a hit amongst the classiest of men, a bun is banger and almost all men with that sharp face structure agree. To get this one right, you need confidence and the love for haircare. After all, curly hair men, neatly pulling your locks back and taming all that frizz needs some effort. Which is where a good serum pops up. We’re talking about, theTRESemme Keratin Smooth Hair Serum giving your hair that soothing nourishment and that pillar to stay straightened, a little bit of this magic potion goes a long way.  

4. Skin fade  

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Done but still never dusted, the skin fade has etched its market in the haircut domain for curly hair men and it manages to do the wowing job. Especially with curly hair men, the fade stands out for the major curly crop on top gets its very own show off time! And now that your curls are the centrepiece, you need to give ‘em the pampering they deserve. All of which can be obtained with the Dove Men+Care Eucalyptus + Birch 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner. And the extremely short layer of shaved hair in length across the head? Well that’s an effortless masterpiece of its own.  

FAQs about Curly and Trendy Hairstyles for Men in 2022  

Curly hair men, here’s locking in your questions!  

 Q1 How much hair gel should I use? 

A1. Overdoing the gel game can leave your hair stiff and damaged, which is why you need to keep the amount in check. If you have short hair, a​​ dime-sized amount should be just enough, medium-length hair? a quarter-sized amount will do! And lastly, anyone with long or thick hair should use two or more quarter-sized amounts. Keep this in check for healthy hair in the long run.  

Q2 Do I apply hair gel when hair is wet or dry? 

A2. Well, It's important to have damp hair when you apply gel, so don't dry it thoroughly. If you're short on time, dampening your hair in the sink is also a good option. Applying gel to dirty or greasy hair can make the gel less effective and more "crunchy" looking. 

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