6 Crown Braid Styles To Try

Written by Scherazade PatelNov 07, 2017
6 Crown Braid Styles to Try
As a little girl, you were always fascinated by enchanting stories of Disney princesses, fantastic beasts and grand castles. One story caught your attention in particular-'Rapunzel'. Say what you will, a girl's crowning glory is always her pride and joy. That beautiful cascade that runs down your back makes heads turn, and acts as a confidence booster even on your worst days. We've put together 6 trendy crown braid hairstyles that will get you looking oh-so-fabulous! Read on…

1. The Dutch Braid Crown

6. Messy Braided Pig-Tails

An exciting option for both women with thick and scanty hair, this style is elegant and makes your hair look thicker. First, comb all the hair backwards to avoid a center parting. Starting with a regular braid hairstyle at your hair line, keep adding hair to the right and left segments before firmly crossing them under the middle one. Continue to weave the hair into a regular braid till it nearly reaches the end. Finish off by wrapping it around your crown and secure it with a few bobby pins. Ideal for long hair.


2. Upside-Down Braided Bun hairstyle

6. Messy Braided Pig-Tails

This fun n' perky hairstyle features a French braid hairstyle that begins at the nape of your neck and goes upward, joining the rest of your hair in a top-knot. Start by simply flipping your hair over and begin French-braiding the hair upward. You can also make a simple three-segment braid and pin it up in the middle, with the end of the braid left loose or tied into a bun on top of the head.

The style can be employed for all hair lengths.


3. The Scarf-Braid hairstyle

6. Messy Braided Pig-Tails

Original and sassy, this braid hairstyle is different from the rest, in that it turns a conventional scarf into a treasured hair accessory. Starting at the hairline, weave two thin braids, (one on either side) until the nape of the neck. Tie the hair with a scrunchie, fastening a scarf to it. Now, continue weaving the hair into a thick, three-segment conventional braid. Perfect for medium-long hair, the result will be bits of colourful fabric peeping out from between your braid hairstyle! Super fun!


4. Half-Up Flower Braid hairstyle

6. Messy Braided Pig-Tails

This season, make an unusual style statement with flowers! Take only certain sections of the hair, and, starting at the hairline, weave them into essentially thin, simple braids, taking care the ends don't come loose. You can make anything from 1 to 3. Next, carefully coil them around themselves to create two flower-like buns. Leave the rest of your hair loose, thus giving the impression of flowers on a curtain! This look works best with medium to long hair.


5. Undone Accent Braid hairstyle

6. Messy Braided Pig-Tails

This look is ideal for those with shorter hair. Start by using a texturizing hair spray to make the hair a little stiff so the undone braid remains in place. Next, begin at the parting line and make a simple, three-segment braid sideways, ending at your ear-line and secure it in place with bobby pins. When this is done, simply spritz a medium-hold hair spray over the hair to ensure your look lasts through the day.


6. Messy Braided Pig-Tails

6. Messy Braided Pig-Tails

An uber-casual, messy braid hairstyle, this look promises to be hassle-free and takes only up to five minutes of your time. Start by parting your hair into two sections. Next, begin at the hairline and weave two braids on either side, ending the braids in line with your ears. Secure each braid separately with an elastic band, leaving the ends loose and trailing slightly over the shoulder. Use some sea salt spray or regular hair spray on the ends of the braids if you wish to create a wavy look. Best suited for medium-length hair.

There you go. 6 easy looks to make the stares linger! Hope you enjoy them!

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