I subject my hair to regular torture with hair colour and what not but at regular intervals repentance is necessary. And that’s when I was delighted to discover the Sunsilk’s Natural Recharge – a shampoo infused with herbal ginseng extracts. But if that wasn’t enough, the fact that it is sans parabens had me sold. When I’m not using chemicals in the form of colour and other treatments I like too keep my daily hair regime fairly natural and that’s exactly what this new shampoo from Sunsilk does.
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For starters, I have long, straight but dry hair that requires a lot of attention. Obviously, this means a minimal amount of experimentation and maximum amount of TLC, in the form of head massages, oiling rituals, frequent shampooing and close to nought harsh chemicals. But being a girl who sides with herbal remedies more often than not, Sunsilk’s Natural Recharge was a welcome change.

Unlike the other shampoos in the market that scream for attention, the Sunsilk Natural Recharge has refreshing packaging. It comes in a cool mint colour, something that already puts it on my list of summer staples.

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It has a surprisingly light, dewy fragrance that lingers on without being too intrusive i.e. letting everyone in the room to know you’ve washed your hair in the morning.

Natural Benefits
While all shampoos leave hair feeling clean, most of them also tend to dry it out and make it limp. This wasn’t the case with Sunsilk Natural Recharge that as easy on the hair as a herbal shampoo should be.

The fact that it’s enriched with ginseng root makes it a must buy. A few years ago, I tried experimenting with ginseng with little success. So if this was a way for me to reap its benefits without having to actually consume it, I jumped at the opportunity.

As promised, my hair embraced the natural goodness of ginseng. I must admit, it did take a few washes but in a couple of weeks, my hair was noticeably thicker, fuller and stronger.

I never ever forget to use conditioner in my hair and often leave it in for at least five minutes before washing it up. This conditioner is a perfect accompaniment and only doubles the benefits of the shampoo, leaving my hair much smoother, glossier and with reduced breakage. The light formula also doesn’t make my hair heavy or too limp after use.

If you’ve been trying to discipline your hair into good health, Sunsilk Natural Recharge might just be what the hair doctor ordered.

Price: Rs. 219 for 340 ml