There’s no better way to change your look than getting yourself brand new hair colour! Colour your mane in a cool hue and you’ve got yourself a whole new makeover. You did the ombre, you’ve tried the sombre and you’ve also been brave enough to try the granny hair. Well, now it’s time to welcome the latest craze in hair trends; the rainbow hair also called sand art hair. Want to know all about it and why everyone’s going gaga over this trend? Read on to find out.
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What is the rainbow hair trend?

Not for the faint hearted, rainbow hair is for those who are bold enough to give their hair a complete makeover. This hair colour is also called sand art, where kids used a toy to create rainbow sand drawings or even fill decorative bottles with multi-coloured layers of magical sand. When you go in for this hair colour, you give your hair a drastic rainbow-like makeover as opposed to regular root to tip ombre, where the roots are just one shade and the ends are another.

How it’s done

This look is done with a technique known as colour bombing. This involves parting the hair in horizontal zigzags and coloUring each section a different shade every 3 inches for the sand art effect. Your hair colourist will use more intense colours at the root and slowly move to softer colours thereby giving your hair a rainbow colour. Vibrant and fun, this trend is going to get you ample attention.

A trend in India?

While it might be a huge trend in the West, only time will tell if this will find takers here in India. We asked the Creative Hair Director at the Lakmé  Salon, Shailesh Moolya for his opinion on the trend and if it was the kind of craze that could become a sensation in India too. He said, “The rainbow hair trend works for those with a different taste or someone who likes it edgy. Only those who want a global auburn-copper red tone or a very funky colour can go for it. I recommend Sombre or the Balayage highlighting hair technique as these are still ruling the hair scene here in India.”