We’ve always fancied men with beards and men in buns, which is perhaps an indication of the fact that men who experiment with their hair are probably more popular. Which is why it’s not that much of a surprise that the latest hair trend that men are now trying out is braiding.
If Instagram trends are anything to go by, men are braiding their hair now and stirring up quite a storm in the fashion and beauty department. And we aren’t just referring to cornrows, we’re talking french braids and waterfall plaits as well. Here’s proof…

braid and bun combo for men

We don’t know for sure but it could have been Harry Styles who first sported a braid while on tour in 2014. Sure, that braid and bun combo raised a few eyebrows but more than that, it stole a few hearts as well.

latest man braid hairstyle

Given the fact that Instagram has spawned so many trends, it’s no surprise that there are full DIY tutorials for man braids doing the rounds. And, with legit hashtags like #ManBraidMonday to back up this braid behaviour, we couldn’t ignore it.

side braids latest hair trend

Minimal side braids peeping out from under messy hairdos make for a great teaser. Side braids can either be pulled off as side-shaves with all the hair flipped to the other side or can be bunched together into a bun.

cool braids styles for men

While some may choose to go minimal, the others choose to jazz it up. After all, they’ve put in the effort to braid it to perfection so why not flaunt it in all its glory with embellishments and Instagram filters, right?

french braid latest mens hairstyle

Turns out, what the girls love, the guys also love! The loosely tied french braid which takes some amount of effort seems to be popular across sexes.

Image Credits:
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