Being beauty aficionados, we see our fair share of trends. Some of them involve multiple shades of hair colour while others involve scotch tape to contour your face. While most of the trends we come across lean towards being wild and wacky, that isn’t always the case. Once in awhile, a perfectly reasonable trend which is possible to wear outdoors emerges, making us gleeful.

nape undercut haircut

This is one of those times as the nape undercut has arrived on the scene and taking over town. So what is a nape undercut, you ask? We’ve got all the answers about this latest trendy hairstyle. The haircut involves the shaving of the hair in the nape area in a decorative while the rest of your hair remains the same. While undercuts have traditionally been favoured by men, times have changed and so have beauty preferences.

latest hairstyles nape haircut

The undercut is now favoured by women who want to bit of an edge in their new hairstyle while minimising the risk. The feature that makes the nape undercut so wearable is the area in which it is situated. Since the nape of the neck is not visible, especially for a long haired lady, any pattern in that area remains discreet and the hair looks just like it does everyday. Once that hair is tied up, that’s when hairstyle shows its fun side!

latest trendy hairstyles nape haircut

If you are you looking to experiment with the nape undercut hairstyle, here are a few tips to keep in mind whilst taking the plunge. For one, make sure your hairstylist is knowledgeable about the technique involved since this is a trendy hairstyle. Bring a few reference images with you when you arrive at the salon to brief them or better yet, show them this post! Be clear about the length of the undercut you desire, the pattern you like or the ombre you want and communicate that to your stylist. Finally, make it known to them that you would like to take a look at the current style before they proceed to the next; which will make sure your trendy new cut is just the way you like it!