Since we're always on top of our beauty game, hair colour is nothing new to us. Summer saw rainbow hued locks and trends inspired by fruits. The autumn season has even been inspired by its most popular spice to create a vibrant look. We thought we had seen it all...until this season's hottest hair colour shade appeared on the scene.

chocolate mauve hair

We're talking about chocolate mauve hair that’s completely changing the hair colour game this season. Created by Brooklyn based hairstylist Hannah Edelman, the look is a combination of milky mauves and delicate pinks with deep browns.

chocolate mauve hair colour technique

To get the unique mix of mauve tones with deep chocolate, Hannah combined 5 shades which are a mix of brown, mauve and pink with the colour melting technique over diagonal hair sections to create the almost metallic hair hue.

While blondes tend to have more fun when it comes to hair colour experimentation, the chocolate mauve hair trend is changing that for brunette babes. Since this hair colour style brings the platinum like tones to dark haired lasses, it is perfect for warmer skin tones too!

tigi dumb blonde shampoo and conditioner

Thinking of opting for a chocolate mauve look this season? Then take these looks with you to your next salon appointment and explain the colour mix you would like for your chocolate mauve hair. Once done, keep your highlighted sections intact with the TIGI Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner as its Colour LockDown Technology is just what you need to battle breakage and keep your hair vibrant and strong.