We’ve seen how retro trends make a comeback many years later; tea lengths and polka dots are proof of that. This season, the resurgence of a bygone era is coming back in full force with a brand new hairstyle for women that’s all set to take us back to the 90’s.

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Remember the days when embellishment was all the rage and every noticeable body part was covered in some form of sparkle? Thanks to the hair gems trend, those days are back again! While the past avatar of the trend was flashier in nature; this decade, they’ve transformed into a sophisticated hair accessory.

latest hairstyle trend hair gems

Previously known as hair stickers and stamps, the hair gems trend not only gives us a rush of nostalgia but also adds a glint of chic to any kind of look. Whether you are wearing a simple pair of jeans or a flowing gown, a sprinkling of hair gems are just what you need to give your look a touch of class.

latest hairstyle to try hair gems

The application of hair gems is similar to how you would use a sticker. Peel off the backing paper to reveal the sheet of gems and paste it over a flat section of smooth hair. Once it is firmly in place, gently remove the paper.

Once done, you’re all set with your hair gems which will hold you through your next wash.

Go on and flaunt those sparkly strands of hair which are accessorised with the latest hairstyle on the block!

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