We thought we had seen it all—hair in the hues of the rainbow, fall’s favourite beverage and even a rosy metallic. Well in fact, it was hardly the tip of the iceberg. That’s because there’s a brand new hair colour trend in town and it is lending a natural vibe to the hair game.

succulent hair trend

Confused? Don’t be. For years, we adored our succulents placed merrily in a line on our windowsills. Little did we know our indoor plants could actually be the trend du jour! Ever since the succulent hair trend has sprouted (pun intended) over social media, it has sent beauty lovers into a frenzy!

flora centric hair trend

It all began with Aly Louch, a Florida based stylist who was keen on creating a piece of art with succulents. Keeping her beauty profession as an obvious baseline, her thought process gave birth to the flora-centric hair trend.

succulent hair colour trend

The succulent hair colour trend is made by mixing greens, violets and blues over sections of the hair using the colour melting technique. Want to make a striking statement while being eco-friendly? Then look no further. Lead your hairstylist to this post so that they can tailor-make the succulent colour based on your hair tones and texture.

tigi colour combat dumb blonde shampoo

As is the case with any colour job, maintenance is important, so make sure to follow Aly’s tip to use ice-cold water for your hair and use the right shampoo. We recommend the TIGI Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner which is especially made to battle breakage and keep your hair colour vibrant and rich.

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Grace Kennedy, PopSugar, Instagram