The monsoon is synonymous with everything fresh and bright. Hence, we're familiar with the sight of colourful umbrellas, neon nail tints and juicy fruits. This season, fresh takes on a whole new meaning. While we all love our fill of a delectable watermelon, the day has finally come where it can up your hairstyle game.

Watermelon Hair Colour

You heard us right! Watermelons have already captured our hearts as one of our favorite fruits and now, they are all set to rule our hair game too. Watermelon hair is here and how! No watermelons are harmed in the making of this trend because all the glorious fruit does is act as inspiration with its colours.

Hair Colour Shades

Watermelon hair was first spotted on musician Merpire which led to a full-fledged obsession on Instagram. Soon enough, watermelon waves were embraced by trend addicts leading to a colourfully tinted hairstyle that’s apt for the fresh season. The watermelon hair colour trend involves the layering of three hair colour shades namely green, white and red. Various layering styles and combinations can be tested which allows everyone to add their own personal touch to it.

Best Hair Colour

Who would have thought that the shades of the fruit could be the beauty inspiration behind a raging trend. To get funky this season, look no further than the juicy watermelon - for a snack and the hair trend of the season, of course! Once you take the plunge, give your coloured locks the right care by using the TIGI Bed Head Colour Combat Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner for it. Its colour lockdown technology will make sure you hair stays vibrant and shiny for the season ahead. So if you're looking to refresh your hairstyle in the monsoon, this is the best hair colour for you!

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