Trendsetting Iconic Hairstyles From Then To Now

Written by Team BBOct 08, 2018
From bouffants to bangs, Bollywood has given us several hairstyles. However, there are some hairdos that have become a huge sensation and made these heroines trendsetters in the truest sense. Want to know who are they? Take a look.

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Sadhana’s fringe

As a popular actress of the 60s, Sadhana was quite the trendsetter. But the one thing that became a rage because of her was her fringe hairdo – reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday. She flaunted this hairdo with buns and braids and boy, almost all the women of this era thronged salons to ape this look!

bollywood iconic hairstyles deepika padukone 600x400

Sharmila Tagore’s bouffant

It was Sharmila Tagore who made the bouffant trend oh-so-popular through her movies in the 70s. It was so famous that several of her contemporaries followed her footsteps and were seen sporting the same hairstyle in their films. But was can be said without a doubt is that nobody could pull it off as beautifully as Tagore did!

bollywood iconic hairstyles deepika padukone 600x400

Parveen Babi’s bangs

We don’t know one woman who didn’t want Parveen Babi’s bangs in the 70s. After all, with her hair let loose and those bangs in focus, she looked every bit the gorgeous diva. No wonder her haircut will always be one of the most iconic hairstyles ever seen in Hindi cinema.

bollywood iconic hairstyles deepika padukone 600x400

Madhuri Dixit’s waves

While most went gaga over Madhuri’s million-dollar smile, many wanted her wavy tresses. From sporting them in almost all her movies like Saajan, Hum Aapke Hain Koun and many more, Mads was a trendsetter in every way, all thanks to this iconic hairstyle.

bollywood iconic hairstyles deepika padukone 600x400

Karisma Kapoor’s poker straight hair

We loved the styling on Karisma in Raja Hindustani, right? The girl was styled by Manish Malhotra after all. But besides her wardrobe, it was her poker straight hair that caught the audience’s fancy. Oh, those gorgeous straight brown locks – we’re never going to get over them, are we?

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Kajol’s bob

We love everything about Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, don’t we? So naturally when Kajol flaunted the bob in the first half of the film as a tomboy, every girl found the courage to chop off her locks and be cool like her. We bet you recall wanting her haircut so bad!

bollywood iconic hairstyles deepika padukone 600x400

Preity Zinta’s curls

Yes, we all can watch Dil Chahta Hai over and over again. After all, the film had a fantastic story, flawless acting and Goa! But in terms of looks, it was Preity Zinta’s curls that became quite a talking point amongst the youth. The understated makeup and bouncy hair went beautifully with the feel of her character and became quite a copied hairstyle back then. Won’t you agree?

bollywood iconic hairstyles deepika padukone 600x400

Deepika Padukone’s wild hair

You’d be lying if you didn’t want Deepika Padukone’s wild hair from Cocktail. It was sexy, it was out there and it went perfectly with her wild-child avatar in the movie. So big was this hairdo that Dippy flaunts it even today and boy, does it still look hot or what!

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