We finally have an answer to the question: What happens when you put creative fashion girls under a lockdown? Pastel dyed hair as far as the eyes can see, of course!

A direct result of celebrities taking their content online, the pastel hair trend is a surprisingly pleasant outcome of the social distancing. Taylor Swift, the newest fan of pastel hair, highlighted her beach blonde locks with the prettiest shade of teal and baby pink. Since salons aren’t open right now, we are guessing Tay-Tay did it herself. If so, pastel hair seems like a pretty easy feat to pull off. Why? Because it still looks gorgeous even if you mess up!


How did pastel hair become the most popular lockdown hair trend?

How did pastel hair become the most popular lockdown hair trend?

We blame the ultimate cool girl of music Dua Lipa for igniting the flame. The young star stepped into lockdown with bleached blonde tendrils in the front. As you know, lighter hair is better able to pick up soft shades like pastel or platinum, giving Dua the freedom to experiment with no end in sight. Granted, she got her BAE to do all the work for her! We’ve already seen two solid shades of tangerine and pink from Dua. We wonder what other hues she has in store for us!

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While a busy mom like Eva Longoria went pastel to cover her grey roots, fashion maverick Kristen Stewart dyed hers a bright tiger orange shade just for funsies. Things got way out of hand when 90s icon Hillary duff debuted her turquoise blue hair on Instagram; we now know the season belongs to pastels! So, if you already have bleached hair and want to try something new, go for one of the many pastel shades that celebs are rocking right now. If you do decide to go for it, make sure you are taking good care of your tint with colour protect wash like the TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes 1 Re-Energize Shampoo. Infused with glycerine, this shampoo deeply hydrates and moisturises colour-treated hair for a healthy and shiny finish!