If the last time you indulged in a bowl of fruit loops with milk was on a Saturday morning back when you were 10, it’s time for a rewind. Surprisingly enough, that’s being brought to you not by your favourite Saturday morning cartoons but by the newest hair colour trend on the block—cereal hair!

cereal hair

While the brand new crop of hair colour trends have mesmerised us with their pearlescent finishes and neon hues, cereal hair is a class apart. If you’re confused at what this breakfast food has to do with luscious locks, don’t be. Simply put, it’s a multi-coloured hair look with base hues in deep, rich tones. Inspired by fruit loops, captain crunch and fruity pebbles, cereal toned tresses imbibe the hues of colourful, crunchy cereal in a creamy bowl of milk.

cereal hair colour

We’ve all heard about the world of food meeting the glamour of fashion, but the convergence of food and beauty is a first for us. With the likes of watermelon hair and salmon tones making a splash in the hair sphere, it looks like cereal locks are just the beginning.

cereal hair colour look

Like any whimsical trend, it all began with one creative genius. In this case it was Amanda Glikes, a Vancouver-based hair colourist. She was inspired by the Flintstone themed cereal fruity pebbles and created the vibrant hair colour look. The base of the hair is brown to replicate the cereal milk in the bowl. The upper layers of hair are dyed in shades of pink, green and yellow. Amanda’s key to creating this bright look is the usage of small sections that blend seamlessly into each other. Now that’s what we call a hair colour that’s deliciously good to look at!