At the recent TONI&GUY event sponsored by Harper’s Bazaar, we asked makeup and hair expert, Clint Fernandes, to reveal celebrity hair secrets and the upcoming trends for the season.

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BB: What is your favourite hair trend currently?
CF: Vintage 20s inspired hair is my favourite look. Waves that just fall on the side of the face look perfect on almost all face shapes. And it’s a look that one can easily achieve at home, with a simple curling tool.

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BB: How can our girls at home achieve this look?
CF: Well, it’s easily achieved at home.

  • Start by parting your hair on the side.
  • Make three sections of your hair, one main, in the centre, and two smaller ones on the sides.
  • Now add soft curls with the curling iron, by curling away from your face. This will add the texture.
  • The key is to roll the main hair in the centre into a soft chignon.
  • Then with the hair on the side, take each section one at a time, and simply twirl it into a pin roll, and pin it up close to the chignon.
  • To finish, embellish the chignon with a bejewelled hair accessory on the side where the hair is parted, just behind your ear.

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BB: What is one of your favourite products to use while styling hair?
CF: One product to definitely own is TONI&GUY’s Sea Salt Texturising Spray. It’s great for creating volume and texture. And I would suggest using it also for prepping your hair for the above mentioned 20s hair style. In my early days of styling, we used to actually take sea salt and mix it into water to spritz into our models’ hair. So it’s definitely a great product to have.

clint fernandes interview on hairstyle for this season 430x550

BB: A quick rapid-fire now, for our readers. Tell us how you’d style hair for the following outfits:

Jeans and t-shirt: Softly textured hair is great for this easy outfit. I’d say curls that have been slept in (half open, half not) look amazing. This look is also good with straight hair cut in an angular bob.

Pencil skirt and Blouse: This is a very streamlined outfit. So a structured ponytail is great! But if you’re adding a little romance to this outfit, just tie up the ponytail into a top knot, and take out some wisps of hair near your side-locks.

A cute summer dress: Half up, twirled on the side, and half down.

A glamourous cocktail dress: 20s style hair, with soft curls or finger waves.