When it comes to beauty, we thought we’d pretty much seen a lot since the start of 2017—trends like gem inspired makeup, rainbow hued brows and sunshine worthy blush were just a few of the eccentric beauty looks we’d grown accustomed to. But obviously, it wasn’t over just yet because there’s already new hair colour trend in town and just like its predecessors, it’s whimsical as ever.

latest confetti hair colour trend

Confetti hair has arrived on the scene and by the looks of its popularity, it’s here to stay. We’re not new to the world of rainbow-toned hair colour jobs. We’ve been through glistening finishes and rosy tints but this multi-coloured confetti hair colour trend takes it a step further— rainbow toned speckles over a pearly light base of hair colour running all along the mid length of the hair strands.

confetti hair colour

It all began in Blondies of Melbourne, an Australian salon where the founder Karen Lewis had been working on the right technique to nail the look. 2 years and multiple attempts later, the hair colour trend was born!

In order to get its trademark spots, the base hair is banded with bright hues so that when the strands move, they create a dotted appearance. Thanks to its vivid tone and apparent bounce, Karen christened it confetti hair.

confetti hair colour look

The beauty of this hair colour trend is its perfect balance between quirky and feminine. It’s almost prism-like appearance creates plenty of movement every time your hair moves. Confetti hair colour is slowly climbing up the social media charts and we’re betting on it making an appearance at the next music festival too!

While it’s safe to say that the finished confetti hair colour look is stunning, it needs a fair bit of maintenance with the right products to retain its shine and prevent it from fading.

Image Credits: Glamour, Pop Sugar, Instagram, Blondies of Melbourne