Dry Shampoo—Your Hair’s New Best Friend

Written by Sweta WaghAug 26, 2016
Dry Shampoo—Your hair’s new best friend
You suffer from a compulsive-hitting-snooze-on-the-alarm syndrome? Or have a mother who believes that no good comes out of washing hair every day? Both these situations eventually result in greasy, unkempt hair. You can accept that you’re having a bad hair day and wear a frumpy hat or let us give you a solution that will blow your mind, and maybe turn you off shampooing your hair for a while! It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s extremely obvious. It’s dry shampoo.

dry shampoo your hairs new best friend Cleanse dry shampoo 430x550

How to use it?

A dry shampoo does what a normal shampoo does, but without the use of water. The main problem with unwashed hair is that it gets greasy, stringy and limp. When you spray your hair with the dry shampoo, the superfine powder absorbs the excess oil, hence leaving your hair grease-free. It also adds volume to the hair and can be used as a volumiser.

dry shampoo your hairs new best friend Cleanse dry shampoo 430x550

Why use it?

Using dry shampoo is extremely easy and fun.

Step 1: Start at your crown and the hair at your forehead. Divide it into sections.
Step 2: Shake the can well and spray the roots of your dry hair while keeping the can at least 6 inches away from the hair. Allow some time for the powder to soak in all the oil.
Step3: Massage it in to ensure it gets any remaining oil.
Step 4: Brush the product through from root to end to ensure that you get a natural powder-free finish. At this point, any smelly residue in your hair will also be taken care of and your hair will feel refreshed.
Step 5: You can style your hair as usual. Since dry shampoo gives you the opportunity to play with volume, we suggest a texturising spray to enhance texture and give more body to your hair.

Note: This product is not a substitute to your regular shampooing. Do not use two days in a row. You hair needs the oils and also a wash!

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