E-Girl Hairstyle Is The Boldest And Trendiest Thing On The Internet Rn

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
E-girl hairstyle is the boldest and trendiest thing on the internet RN

There’s no dearth of hairstyles, hair colour and haircuts trends to take inspiration from and yet, when a new trend pops up on our social media feeds, we can’t wait to try it. The latest hair trend is E-girl hairstyle — a bold and experimental hairstyle for the fearless. The hairstyle is inspired by anime, goth and online girl gamers and involves colouring a part of your hair, usually the front portion in vibrant or pastel shades. Sounds fun, right?

Thanks to TikTok, this trend has become huge and even celebrities like Dua Lipa have been spotted sporting this trendy hairstyle. With several thousand posts on Instagram under #EGirlHair, looks like this style is here to stay.


Chunky highlights

Gorgeous in green

Image courtesy: @poetist

If you have dark hair, bleaching the front section will give you this chunky highlight look. The colour contrast looks bold and stunning. Make sure you take equal sections of hair from both sides of your head.


Subtle brown

Gorgeous in green

Image courtesy: @ysabella.k

Most girls with curly hair have to opt for something too bright and bold to make their hair colour noticeable. While you opt for bold, vibrant colours for this hair trend, you can also opt for mahogany red or dark brown with black hair, if you like to keep things subtle.


Blue streaks

Gorgeous in green

Image courtesy: @monicasperez

Is there anything more stylish and attractive than blue hair colour? We think not! If you always wondered how you’d look with blue hair, this is your chance to try it! PS don’t leave out your bangs.


Gorgeous in green

Gorgeous in green

Image courtesy: @arcticfoxhaircolor

Want to turn things up a notch? Ditch pastel colours and go for a bold pick like neon green. It’s definitely not a common pick and will definitely grab a lot of eyeballs. So only pick if you can handle all that attention *wink*.


Main image: @nava_beautyyy_

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