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If 2014 was about ombre, then 2015 is the year of ecaille. French for tortoiseshell, ecaille is bold, beauteous and oh-so-fabulous. And quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to try out a style that has Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr and Khloe Kardashian as the torch bearers?

Hailed as the hair trend of the moment, ecaille is a lot like ombre, but with more highlights and colours thrown into the mix. The tortoiseshell technique features painting your hair with golden and caramel highlights to gives your mane a glossy, shiny and sun-kissed appearance. The ecaille technique aims at giving you a richer and darker hair colour (as compared to your natural hair colour) paired with caramel (predominantly) and golden colour and a whole lot of shine!

Ecaille, which finds its trendy roots (pun intended) in Paris (where else!) tends to be darker at the roots and lighter at the ends. It’s a lot like ombre, but more sophisticated and chic. It’s a fabulous way to attain bombshell hair that adds sheen, dimension and tons of oomph to your hair.

If drama, without ridiculous colour (that works for your workplace) and yet enough chutzpah to have heads turn is your thing, then ecaille is where your search for perfect hair ends!

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