If you scroll through a haircare blog, you’ll notice that the one advice they keep repeating over and over again is - stop washing your hair daily. While it’s great advice, not washing your hair daily could be difficult to follow, especially if you have an oily scalp.

If you are a compulsive hair washer, then we have some good news for you. There’s a new hair washing trend that’s been gaining popularity and for all the right reasons. It’s called co-washing! Read on to find out everything you need to know about this hair care trend that women across the globe are going gaga over.

all about co washing

What is co-washing, anyway?

Co-washing is short for conditioner-only washing. Sounds weird AF, doesn’t it? Well, turns out, using your conditioner to wash your hair is extremely beneficial for those with oily scalp and dull, frizzy hair. Also known as the ‘no-poo’ method, it helps cleanse your hair without eliminating the natural oils of your hair. This hair wash method rests on the premise that using shampoo to clean your hair every single day can strip your hair and scalp of moisture and leave them extremely dry, brittle and frizzy.

How does one co-wash?

Ready to give this trend a try? Start by getting your hair thoroughly wet. Use your fingers to gently scrub and massage your scalp under running water for a couple of minutes. Do this until your scalp feels really clean. Next, take your regular amount of conditioner and condition your hair how you usually would. And you’re done… easy-peasy, right?

all about co washing

How often should one co-wash?

You can co-wash 2 to 3 times a week for a healthy, shiny mane. But a word of caution: if you are an absolute beginner, then your hair may take a while to adjust to co-washing and feel oilier than usual. Hence, we suggest you introduce co-washing into your hair care routine gradually.

BB tip: If you’ve been sweating a lot (due to an intense physical activity or long commute), we suggest you use a mild clarifying shampoo before going in with conditioner to get rid of the dirt and grime thoroughly.

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Can I use any conditioner for co-washing?

Well, no. If you are planning to co-wash your hair on a regular basis, then it’s best to invest in a conditioner that does not contain silicones. This is because silicones end up settling on your scalp and hair over time, thus weighing them down and making them look dry, dull and lacklustre. You should ideally look for conditioners that contain ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil, wheat germ - basically, ingredients that soften your cuticle and reduce frizz.

Is co-washing safe for all hair types?

If you’re someone with really fine, thin and straight hair, you should avoid the co-wash treatment as the conditioner could end up weighing your hair down. But if you have thick, coarse, curly and wavy hair, this is one of the best hair treatments for you.

all about co washing

Will it make my hair greasy?

Co-washing could make your hair appear oilier after the first few washes. However, once your hair gets used to this treatment, it will stop appearing greasy over time. And to keep the temporary oil from making you feel icky, there’s always lotsa dry shampoo to the rescue.