One of the best ways to change your mood and give yourself a ‘new you’ is by opting for some fun hair colour. Not too long ago, we told you about the rainbow hair trend, remember? But currently, if there’s one trend that’s ruling the beauty scene, it is opal hair! Curious to know more on this trend? Read on.
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What is the Opal hair trend?

The opal hair trend is a mix of the silverfish grey hair colour along with the rainbow hair trend. It gets its name from the Opal stone, which is nothing but a mix of the pearl hue along with shimmering pinks, blues and purples. Not OTT yet rather appealing, this hair colour has taken on in a big way in the West and is slowly moving towards India too.

How it’s done

You basically use ash-coloured tones right before you go grey and that’s when you achieve the pearl hue. After you colour your hair into a pale pearl colour, you start adding layers of colours to your locks.  One of the main things your hair colorist needs to remember is to get the layering right while working on this hair colour. What you will finally get is a light version of the rainbow hair colour. The hues need to look different from every side. From one angle you’d probably see a pink while from another, you’ll see a blue. So if you’re the kind who loves experimenting with your hair, this trend is right up your alley.

Image: Pinterest